why do people have anal sex???
i mean why on EARTH would any sane guy wanna stick his thing up where shit came out of?? really.


  1. nass said...

    People have a tendency to do things which are not allowed to do... they like being rebels.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Do you know who is a pervert? That's him. - ibnz  

  3. ehaonowa said...

    Dear sweet Sheri, apple of my eye, who the f&^* have you been talking to?

    Weeeeeell, erm, I guess that people like being naughty, or at least appearing to be naughty when they've run out of other naughty things to do. In other words -- what nass just said.

    Since we're on the subject of sex, here's something that I had an issue with. Why would a person kiss another person (of the opposite sex) on the mouth wherein dwell bacteria, and other germs, saliva, and perhaps mucus and other things that can only be described as slick and disgusting? Why?  

  4. Anonymous said...

    U wana knw y ppl hav anal sex?There are lubs which can be squirtd inside to handle the shit problem.If u put it that way,y do guys wana stick there thin inside a place where piss passes thru atleast thrice a day?Same reasn.It fyls gr8.For both the guy n gal.His thin hits against her G-spot which givs an awesum tinglin fylin.Plus its easier to do it frm behind 2 so that the hands can get easier access to the other goodies.The gal dusnt have to bend over that much which wud giv mo skin contact and easier acces for the hands.Sex is a dangerous thin physicaly.If it werent that pleasurable,ppl aint gnna even do it.Hope u got ur answer -shabaa-  

  5. Dragonfly said...

    holy shit.

    *rolls around laughing*  

  6. subcorpus said...

    i wonder why people hold hands ...
    hands - by far - have the most bacteria i read some ...
    why why why ...  

  7. Anonymous said...

    Shabaa baby is clearly a man. He has made some astounding observations regarding the female body which requires him to pick up a biology book asap.  

  8. Anonymous said...

    Y do i nyd a biology buk?U dnt realy think i meant that the G-spot is in there now do u?Lol. My dear anonymous, once u start poundin away she's gonna fyl as if its poundin away against the 'G' every inch of the way.Jes make sure u do it fast.Dont take my word for it.Try it and ask the gal,or if ur a gal try it and fyl it.OR ask from some1 who's had experience.I hear theres lots in maldives now.And bulhaa,we live in a world where the word 'sane' is clingin at the edge jes tryin to coexist with this new world. -shabaa-  

  9. schmartypants said...

    hehe good question.. great comments.. shabaa thinks we shud do it.. alot of others think its yucky.. anyway it may feel good.. and u`d have no fear of pregnancy ..O_o but the muscles in ur butt holes arnt meant for something to be stuck up in it.. hard bogey jehyma thadhuvaathy ulhen dho..bayeah meehun.. muscles tear easily inside there.. ever heard that we have to eat alot of fiber..which maldivians do not.. anal cancer is one of the major cancers maldivians have.. and having anal sex.. increases that chance..
    nass is right too..many maldivians do it cause we arnt supposed to ..its the furthest we can go..  

  10. bulhaa said...

    "If u put it that way,y do guys wana stick there thin inside a place where piss passes thru atleast thrice a day?"

    shabaa, anonymous up there is referring to this statement that you made.
    women do not urinate through their vagina. they have a seperate tube called the urethra.  

  11. Gray said...

    holy f***, woman.. from pictures of unflushed bowel discharge to discussions about anal sex.. This is you growing up, is it? Noone else "dude", noone else.. Hehehe..

    interesting comments though.. the main reason i've heard is birth control for unwed couples..

    *clap clap*  

  12. Anonymous said...

    So it was u who commented anonymously bulhaa?Hehe. Can u giv a guarantee that when a couple has sex,there wont be any trace at all of urine on his thing?And i dont think any of us are in gr.7. We all know that fact bulhaa.Ur the 1 hu was interestd in why ppl hav anal sex.I was jes answerin ur Q.And we arent meant to do alot of things which almost every1 does.If we makeout with every1 we can,hav illegal sex,steal stuf in all diff ways,not pray an average of ONE prayer a day,lie to our closest friends,force our parents to go to hell becos of our actions no matter how religous they are,get drunk senseless,beat up and even murder ppl,abuse lil children and destroy their lives 4ever, Y is anal sex that big a deal?The couple knows the risks involved.And ppl continue to hav anal sex over and over again becos in their experience its worth the risks. -shabaa-  

  13. bulhaa said...

    whoooo its getting hot in here *fans self*
    nope , i dont do anonymous comments. not my style. actually the fun fact is, there COULD be traces of urine still present in the penis but watever there is would be neutralized by the semen. but still ucky thought isnt it?
    i know people will be people and they will continue to sin regardless of anything but i was just wondering what was so appealing about this particular sin.. but anyway each to his own.

    and gray. yep yep.. all part of the growing up process :D  

  14. schmartypants said...

    cause all humans are born pervs... some get turned on by anal sex..som have more perverted pervs... some say we are disgusting..some say we are the best creation yet.. i dont agree with either..  

  15. ThalaGolaa said...

    Holy Fuck!
    Shaba dude, you seriously do need to read about the anatomy, ASAP!!!

    hope this might help.
    In the human female, the urethra is about 1-2 inches long and opens in the vulva between the clitoris and the vaginal opening.

    or you can read through


    and yea.. anal sex is scary. easiest way to spread STD. and too much of anal sex can make you end up in DIAPERS! it looses the contracting muscles.  

  16. Anonymous said...

    Hi Bulhaa,
    Interesting question and more interesting comments. And yes I do agree with you and respect your wishes. Its me, your friend from the Philippines. Sorry for not responding as frequent as before. Been constructively busy. Going back to the topic - actually your question has been answered from all points of view.

    From the point of view of those who relied on books and info found in the worldwide web.

    From the point of view of those who just heard it through hearsay.

    From the point of view of a simple pervert.

    From the point of view of "trying too hard to be be medical sounding."

    From the point of view of a liberal minded.

    Bulhaa is just asking why people have anal sex? And why would men want to point their canons from behind. Its a simple question. But as I notice through the discussions it GOES WAY BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS AND YUCKY.

    I will try not to be preachy. The world has enough experimentations done in the name of self-pleasing reasons (often labelled either as love or lust). Most justify the things they do because they keep reasoning that 'ITS MY BODY WHY DO YOU CARE? THIS GIVES ME THE OOOOOHHHHH, SO WHY JUDGE ME... so and so crap..."

    Its basic sex education. And for the morally guided, standards are created not to be compromised (for the sake of curiousity) and its non-negotiable. Some would say, "why can't we all co-exist?"

    We can co-exist. No problem. But its not just a matter of being able to co-exist. Its about respecting the choices of other people. A gay and a straight person can be neighboors - live different lives and yet live in harmony. But please there's this saying: PLEASE DON'T WASH YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY IN PUBLIC.

    If a person wants to have anal sex that's his decision. If another person doesn't want to be associated with a person who does anal sex that's also a decision. It all boils down to respect and discretion.

    Why are some things done in the dark and in secrecy? Simply because its socially and morally unacceptable and NOT NECESSARILY DISCRIMINATION. Its a very, very tall order.

    Why are some people so trigger happy at pointing fingers at people? Because they like self-righteous and just want to be evil. Adn it takes courage to face and stand up to these creeps.


    When would that be? Who knows. But for those who took the correct path, you're already safe there.

    Oh, being safe is not necessarily boring and conservative. Its all about creativity and mutual understanding that do not compromise.


  17. Anonymous said...

    Nice comments.Foari hippaalaa varu kohlaey dho dheythere dheytherein.And thank god the comments arent always 'nice', 'swyt', 'way to go', 'gud job'. Bulhaa wantd to knw y this certain sin was so appealin?I gues uve got mo answers than u bargaind 4 huh?Hehe. When we get married,we r allowed to do anything with our wives XCEPT anal.If we do it even once,40 dhuvas vandhen kuraa evves heyokameh gabooleh nukuravvaane kamah angavaafa ovey.And if we do it a 2nd time,its ANOTHER 40days added to the previous.We were all creatd by god.And it is god the all knowing who has ordered us vat to do and vat not to do.Y shud we even consider questionin him? Doesnt it show that we dont have that much faith?Durin the prophet's(S.A.W) time when muslims were told to stop the intake of alcohol,the day they were banned every muslim stoppd from even finishin the rest of the alcohol in his cup the second the order came to his knowledge.No questions askd.They didnt need to be reasond out with.That right there is faith.Bt nowadays WE hav to b reasnd out with and we have to question those same orders in every way we can.We know and have byn proven logically and even scientificaly that everythin statd in the Quran is true.So if some1 goes against it,they are jes damn ignorant.Bt then again its their lives.They can do anythin they want with it.Jes dont claim to be a muslim if u cant bring urself to live up to the title.Ein evves faafa akah araiganna iru aharunnaky moominunneh noon.Even those ppl who cant pray regularly,ill say that they jes dont know how big a deal and sin it is to let even a single prayer slip away. -kaiza-  

  18. bulhaa said...


    thanks for the comments u guys..
    *passes sweets around*  

  19. Lua said...

    Woah that was enlightening. There were points when I was rolling around on the floor laughing but then everyones entitled to their opinion. But seriously Shabaa comes off as a retard. [wipes tears from eyes from laughing so much]

    Keep the questions coming Bulhaa :D  

  20. Anonymous said...

    Oral is also banned in our religion, by the way, did you know?  

  21. -ŹåŅěX- said...

    Dude.....seriously....notbin better to do eh?? poor poor lifeless ppl...heh heh  


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