(a) 3 things you can't do;

- i cant keep myself from poking and punching people.. i just HAVE to do it!
- i cant look down a balcony or terrace of a building that is really high [like 5 stories and above]
- i cant fly :D

(b) 3 things you can do
- eat fish
- eat chocolate
- eat! eat! eat!

(c) 3 things that scare you;

- going to hell
- pins, needles and all things sharp[whens its being pointed at me, i have no problem pricking or slicing people so be warned!]
- EDIT subcorpus :P ahem..erm...dying a virgin :D

(d) 3 things that you Love;
-my family
-my friends
- my bloggie

(d) 3 things you hate;

-being kept away from chocolate for too long

i am tagging
Iya http://legacyofpain.blogspot.com/
Ehaonowa http://ehaonowa.wordpress.com/
Zainab http://zabcity.blogspot.com/


  1. subcorpus said...

    can i be the 3rd of part c ...
    hehe ...  

  2. bulhaa said...

    hehe sure subcorpus. i had forgotten to fill in that earlier :D  


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