would u shun me, just because i am not the same???


  1. zazafeefus said...

    awh that is awesome. did u take that picture?  

  2. bulhaa said...

    yep ^_^


  3. shweeeeet! said...

    arent u the same? o.O
    i thought u were human *eye roll*  

  4. LIL GIRL said...

    mee 2 =/  

  5. Anonymous said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  6. Gray said...


    bulha bulha bulha.. who would have thought, eh? O_O lol

    anon:: if she "madeout" with you (as you claim), umm.. wouldn't she know who you were, and you commenting anonymously would be totally pointless, wouldn't it? i mean she can narrow down the culprit even if she did "makeout" with a lot of guys dho? just a thought..

    sour grapes, methinks.. *whistle whistle*

    bulhaa:: abt the post.. we would.. oh yes we would shun you.. no wonder everyone tries to fit in somehow, someway.. Squares..

    kiddin.. :D  

  7. .mini said...

    oh well i waz gonna comment on the post
    ill leave everything else in my mind somewhere else i suppose

    no one can shun you just because you are not the same
    coz nobody can remain the same forever
    changes come as you grow up and whatever
    so we just have to accept the changes and try not to avoid ennu

    doesnt make sense kanneynge :S  

  8. moyameehaa said...

    uh oh. the comments ...and the post ...are they related? err... i guess they are. and after readin em i see the pic in another way.its totally different. see, the five greenies are runnin after the lil dull greeny. and yeah notice that they are all getting in to 'darkness' and the other one (the dull one) is gettin outta darkness while running away. is that lil dull one runnin from em (the bright greenies) or from the darkness? who knows. good for the lil,dull,lonely greeny.atleast it found light. :D

    and guys, talkin about hot...i heard bulhaa mas is very hot (hoonu). ;p  


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