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  • my arse hurts
  • heck every bone in my body hurts
  • well atleast im not puking anymore
  • no im not preganant.. FOOD POISONING! FOOOOD POISONIN!
  • bloody effing bacteria [ grumble grumble]
  • or was it fungi? or viruses?? not to self: must check.....if i can be bothered to
  • hate the rain. hate it hate it hate it hate it
  • arrrk! just slammed my feet against the pc table. stupid table!
  • >.<
  • im hungry...
  • does anyone know a magic rant or ritual or watever that makes the rain stop???
  • yes im cranky and i have every right to be cranky so booogers to you!
  • im still hungry...
  • i havnt been bloggin lately.. i've been flickrerin.. im flickr-dicted. [sings the flickr-dicted song]
  • did i mention that i hate the rain? -_-
  • going to raid the fridge
  • bye


  1. shweeeeet! said...

    pispis! y wud hate rain?? =O

    eat! eyrun hungry eh nuvaane =D

    get well shooon ^.^  

  2. .mini said...

    hope u get well soon :D  

  3. LIL GIRL said...

    same comment as shweet  

  4. kaiza shozey said...

    same old same old huh? uve already heard what i say to those stuff like......about a hundred times. :p  

  5. Control Freak said...

    it'll really help if u take in LOTS of fluid...and ur hungry eh? thats strange coz everytime i suffer from food poisoning the last thing on me mind will be food..get well soon!  

  6. bulhaa said...

    thanks guys, yes i really do hate the rain,unbelievable as it sounds. kaiza, dont even start >.<  

  7. Radvixen said...

    i lurrv the rain!! :$

    um get well sooooooooooooooooon!  

  8. aesha said...



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