We were talking.

and it seems to us, that the reason that people get so violent is because they are unsatisfied.

and it also seems to us that since more than half the people who are actually the cause of all riots and shibangs and wat not are married , we can safely assume that their marriage could be the root of their unsatisfaction.

and any unhappy marriage is ofcourse due to two main reasons:

1. Lack of communication

2. Lack of good Sex


if they get good sex from their wifeys, they wouldnt be so unhappy and if they are happy then they wouldnt be out setting things on fire and shit.

this ofcoz where maail and i disagree. he thinks that women are to be blamed coz they aint givin any to their hubbies. but I think that its only coz the men perform so bad in bed

back to the main topic

the problem(the not so peaceful world) is solved by a simple solution:
married people, go and have sex for crying out loud. buy a kama sutra or watever. just get laid.

and non married people..whatcha waiting for? get married!


  1. vincinity of obscenity said...

    nobody listen to bulhaa. she is demented.

    marriage is for pussy whipped pansies. its the end of everything fun. its the cutting away of men's youth.


  2. bulhaa said...

    and thus speaks the 24 year old man who still owns a toy gun  

  3. vincinity of obscenity said...

    Its a BB gun and it hurts and im gonna shoot you.  

  4. bulhaa said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. bulhaa said...

    [sticks tongue out]  

  6. nass said...

    okkkayy.. this kinda makes sense in ONE dimension...

    let's say the guy is poor. and we know women don't marry poor guys... so... then?

    this means poverty is another problem... i'm hoping you guys would elaborate more on this..  

  7. bulhaa said...

    no no no nass, remember our friend iya claims that the poorer the man is the bigger his penis is.. so me thinks that all we need to do is spread that lil article of his around. problem solved.  

  8. Anonymous said...

    and marriage can also cause wars. kasauti taught me that. there is always evil lurking in the shadows of a pillar eavesdropping and smiling to herself, while her wicked plans of discord are said aloud in her mind.

    This is the answer.  

  9. .mini said...

    hehe pis pis
    u and dhombs dho
    dunno whether that formula would work
    why don't u experiment and tell? :P
    tut tut :P  

  10. maail said...

    of course it will work...men have to please women and vice versa...marriage is another question watsoever... :P  

  11. s[u]jau said...

    I agree with bulha.. man really fails to give a good sex in bed, since all kinda pornos are available to watch, m sure the wify will also watch those.. n she will want more n more positions to experience.. thats the truth.. but i guess maldivians know only few position.. man on top.. ban ban ban  

  12. bulhaa said...

    anonymous: LOL

    .mini: :P

    maail: traitor!! -_-

    s[u]jau: u rock! finally. a man with some sense in his head  

  13. shweeeeet! said...

    msn inn dhahkaa vaahaka o.O  

  14. Anonymous said...

    whats a kama sutra  

  15. bulhaa said...

    shweeet! : :D

    anonymous: sweetheart, where have u been? google it.  

  16. kaiza shozey said...

    Ill say its the other way around. after a couple of years on marriage the guy slowly loses interest having sexz with his wife. thats why he goes over to other women behind her back. blame it all on his penis which is never satisfied no matter how much he has sex. thats why men are allowed four wives. plus women lose their u know what way earlier than the man.

    but i totally agree that if he is fulfilled he wont be going around lighting fires and stuff.

    but then again poverty is a reason too cos i dont think sex satisfies the hungry. met any guys who would choose food way more than sex when they are hungry? ive met a few. lol

    but nice solution both of u.hehe  

  17. maail said...

    Food or sex...I don't know what to chose.. 0_o  


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