i was thinking ..
it concerned biology.

we have been discussing cells in class recently , and i found myself wondering of is it that we classify the living and non living.. wat IS living actually?

we can classify the whole world into two groups; the living and non living. what makes the difference really? the laws. the living shalt respire,metabolise and what not.

and the funny thing is, even inside the living beings, some essential particles are actually non-living! how does that work exactly? how is it possible that something that is non-living can combine and whatever to form something that is living.

take this. the very basic elements of our body. theres the single unit of life; the cell. and yet inside of the cell, nearly most of its components are dead!

think about this too, whats in our cell is basically made out of four or five basic elements. carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and phosphorous. even the living components are made out of almost the same components as the non-living.

so wats the living bit really?

is it that one of these elements when combined in a particular way has the ability to produce life?

can it be possible that by finding out this particular pattern we can re-create life?

or is it that life itself is another matter,with no connection to any of the particals, elements, or biological stuff in any living creature?

what is life made up of ????

this is the same as me asking..what is electricity or bonds or forces or gravity or magnetism made up of? it cant be made up of NOTHING..coz nothing doesnt exist..everything is SOMETHING. there must be something...some little particles or matter that we havnt discovered yet.

u know what all of this thinking made me realize?? that i know so little of the basic essence of life. how little anyone knows really,when it comes to life. so how can we even attempt to understand why life acts in certain ways. why it can give u so much crap and still remain beautiful. we cant.. its really a waste of our time and energy to even try to find outcoz thats one of the mysteries in life...that life itself is a huge unsolved puzze. best we squish our humane nature and instead accept it as it is ...

[ waaaah! but i still want ANSWERSSS!!]

EDIT : i still do


  1. .mini said...

    i was in my normal confused mode
    and now im confused even more :S
    so i don't know what answer you are talking about
    sorry :S  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Did someone read this?

    If you want answers then we should continue the search no? Why stop after coming so far? :)

    This and this might interest you.  

  3. shweeeeet! said...

    ur thinking too much o.O  

  4. bulhaa said...

    .mini: sorry ol gal [hugs]

    anonymous: thanks. i found the articles quite interesting

    shweeeet!: maybe i dont think enough??  

  5. Mister Gnirob said...

    life is a short term plum, a long term lemon?  

  6. tinkerrrbell said...

    thiye science kiye veema vaagoi! hehe...m already see how much u are...

    i think means we all are living but daed ppl.. n that wen we really die..thats wen the rest of the "living" cells too die.. kekek.. dhen we become fully dead  

  7. kaiza shozey said...

    i give u a lot of crap about stuff like this that u usually say dho. but this one is really interesting. nice thinking. i wondered alot about that too, and came up with the same conclusion. we cant possibly comprehend it all now.but who knows. one day we mite. but then again,would that really make much difference? the unanswered questions are endless dho  

  8. xs said...

    it's a trap really..the easiest escape strategy is to classify it as a "mystery" and move on...that makes us ignorant, i say...but then ignorance is bliss, i hear (?)

    what am i saying...? i totally agree with u, it's best we don't think about it. *sigh*  

  9. twistedbard said...

    Ever considered energy bulhaa? Energy exists but u cant really see it can u? that cells release energy can be called life..maybe ATP is life energy?bah...neways thre's my 2 pence...  

  10. bulhaa said...

    interesting twistedbard....but then that would mean cars would be alive!  

  11. Anonymous said...

    the significant difference between the living and non-living is the ability to reproduce owing to that glorious, that holier-of-holies of biology that we call DNA. due to the curiosity and work of Watson and Crick we have now solved the so-called mystery of life. we have found out God's recipe for life on Earth. these molecules via painstaking slow evolution has formed into what we know today, a seeminly perfect bundle of atoms storing genetic information and able to pass them on to new generations. there is no spark for life, no soul as we know it. just little molecules that can replicate, its as simple as that. ignorance may be bliss, but the pleasure of knowledge is so profound that it can make a person shout out and run out of his bath into the streets naked. so yes, essentially we're all just bags of non-living molecules which have been slowly transformed by evolution into something so complex, so different from inanimate matter that we fall into a totally different category and call ourselves 'living'.

    as for the 'forces' of physics, they too may be made up of particles. for instance light could be photons, gravity could be gravitons etc. or they could made up of waves. this duality of matter, and the competition between relatiity (theory of the very large) and quantum mechanics (theory of the very small) is the cutting edge of physics research of the 20th and 21st century and theoretical physics aim to combine all these various theories into a Grand Unified Theory so that we can understand our world better. currently the most successful theory which is in vogue is the string theory. (you might want to read up on M-theory and branes also) but it needs refinement and the day we find out the answer is not far away. patience my friend.

    science is beautiful. it explains the way our world works. it satisfies our curiosity and takes us away from dark superstition and blind dogma which results in bloodshed and war to enlightenment which results in civilization and peace.

    its sad that you have this defeatist view and assume that its all a huge mystery. we should never give up and though there are some limits, we can work within those limits and understand things at least to that limit. if Galileo, Copernicus and Newton had given up and believed in the then prevalent understanding of the cosmos, we wouldnt have discovered gravity, the heliocentric model of the universe, and no space travel would have been possible. such a thought is chillingly eerie. if Darwin had given into the literal intepretation of the Church's teachings we would not have found out that gem of biology which we call evolution, which so neatly explains the various flora and fauna around us, and there amazing complexity. so do keep looking. keep searching. never hesitate to push those limits. that is the only way to find answers. the questions you have posed are being worked out by scientists and we may not know the answers in our lifetime. but if we stop and give up, or if we stunt the proliferation of knowledge, by condemning scientists (think Galileo), by burning books (think the great Libray of Alexandria) or shutting ourselves from knowledge and being satisfied with ignorance and superstition (think religious dogmas and political ideologies), then we seal ourselves and our children from ever finding out the answers to these so-called mysteries of the universe. but thankfully humans have an inner hunger for understanding what is around them, and this burning curiosity can never be stifled. the great works of classical rome and greece were stifled but they triumphantly surfaced in the Rennaisance and the Enlightenment. the mighty civilizations of Rome and Egypt, Persia and Muslim Spain, India and China declined and died out, but their art and architecture, and their knowledge have come up, inspiring the great western civilizations of Europe and America. (sadly the same cant be said for the rest of the world, but one cant help hoping that they too will take a lesson from the West) so this defeatist attitude can only slow down progress. not stop it. and one day we shall understand this universe and then 'we should know the mind of God', as Hawking succintly put it.

    i recommend that you read a few books to perhaps change your perspective of the capabilities and beauty of human knowledge. books like the one this list.

    even if you may not be able to buy them, familiarise yourself with the ideas, and think of them critically, not dogmatically. this may go a long way to broaden your perspectives and understanding what is around us. :)  


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