im awake
but im still sleeping
i think its real
but you tell me im dreaming
and when the silence cuts the night
and leaves it bleeding
i get scared
but im still breathing

they say its straight
but i see it twisting
they say its strong
but i fear its crumbling
and when it all gets too much
and i find myself choking
i lose faith
but im still hoping

trying to hold on
but my grip is slipping
trying to find truth
but the lies are misleading
and when the darkness fouls the light
and the sins keep repeating
the voice in my head
its still screaming


  1. maail said...

    awesome!!! ^_^  

  2. Waylander said...

    Obinoavey!!! :D  

  3. shweeeeet! said...


  4. ODIUM said...

    touchin and fantabulous :D  

  5. Ameer said...

    laaa la laaa la laa la laaaaa.

    hmmm.... lavaeyy tha mi kiyunee. soree.  

  6. finifenmaa said...

    *speechless* v v reethi :D  

  7. vincinity of obscenity said...

    a lot of "ing"s dhoa...

    nice job. i think we all want more woody and blobs!!!  

  8. D cOLOr Of <((SuN RisE))> said...

    haadha salhi ey!!!  

  9. Raniya said...

    Very nice. Lyrical. You should make it into a song.  


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