har har.


on a more serious note. do babies really have a secret language?? or is it that they are simply reading each others body language? and what about animals? how do THEY communicate with each other? are the shrills or roars they make their own form of language? or are they deciphering the message by listening to the intensity or tone of the sound?

think about this.

try and communicate with a friend without using words. it is suprisingly easy.

one of my friends and i used to talk to each other on the phone by means of grunts. grunts people! on the PHONE! and we understood each other perfectly.

many of us take body language and the little sounds we make for granted. its amazing how much we can tell simply by looking at a persons posture or facial expression.

all you have to be is just a lil observant. its not going to kill you.


  1. maail said...

    babyyy wooodsii and blobsiii...shooo q-oooote!  

  2. aesha said...

    bulha! gaa gaa goo go goooo gaa? dho  

  3. Anonymous said...

    don't be a fool. babies are helpless morons.  

  4. ODIUM said...

    neynge dho...thats a prety darn gud genius balafa hithah ara ehen :D

    but i dnt think they hav any secret language..n yea, baby blob and woodie shoooo cuuute  

  5. gwynciar said...

    Twins, identical twins, seem to have their own secret language. I don't know whether its true or not--but it's an interesting idea to behold.

    And how exactly does Woody and Blobs defecate?  

  6. .mini said...

    yeah i know hmm hmm language :P  

  7. I-kko said...

    gaaa geeeee gagaaaa geegoooogooo gaaaaaaaaaa!!geegee!! :D  

  8. shweeeeet! said...

    shoo shi shwii shaa shee shihsho shu?

    (even i dunno what that means =s )  

  9. moyameehaa said...

    i think they have some kinda 'language'.their's might not be as high as ours.they cant tell anything they want i guess.but body language helps them.and maybe after sometime together the sounds and expressions change it to a more language form. so i dont think newly introduced two babies can talk much...errr.. dunno.have to ask em.

    and btw..where is the tie on blobs in the last 2 panels.. i really liked it. gaagaaaaash!  

  10. Radvixen said...

    what maail said.


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