because i wanted to draw u a dragon

because im sick and tired of being "cute"


  1. yαиk cαlιbяє™ said...

    wow... nice change.. "not bein cute!"


  2. vincinity of obscenity said...

    words fail me as to describe the awesomeness of this dragon.

    such is the inadequacy of the english language... or maybe its just me. :(  

  3. version said...

    Nice Dragon  

  4. aesha said...

    i love hte tail of it..nice one bulhaa..

    errm can u draw me a curtain antenna please :o)  

  5. bulhaa said...

    thanks guys... ^.^

    aesha, wtf is a curtain antenna?? :S  

  6. ODIUM said...

    the body n hands of it are cudn hav been beter its awesme

    nice :D  


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