...must resist...

must resist....

must resist the urge to ...blog...



well its my blog anyway..

once upon a time ..
hmm naw.. scratch that

i shivered in nervous anticipation as the earth below me trembled in fear. the monster was humongous.. the biggest that i had ever laid eyes one. and believe you me when i tell you that i have seen many , many of these in my time.
i could see the beast now. enraged red eyes searching the barren desert for its prey; me. it stomped its massive feet in frustration and whipped about his tail causing a swift wind to scatter the measly few grains of sand beneath my feet. and then its eyes locked upon me. a satisfied evilness glittered in the red pupils.

slowly, as if dancing a painful seduction it moved towards me.

i felt its hot breath upon me. nasty and wet.

i closed my eyes for a brief second and sent a silent prayer.


before i knew it i was being whipped into the air, my body a mere plaything to this monstriosity. as i landed on the hard desert floor, i could feel a thousand bones cracking, such was the impact..

and then i died.

got bored at the end

so sue me.


  1. maail said...

    Why do I feel that this is sexual in nature and that this monster is a huge penis? meh...Maybe it's just me...*thinks*  

  2. bulhaa said...

    just you maail... just you.  

  3. maail said...


  4. maail said...

    uhh sorry :)  

  5. aesha said...

    seductive? hehe no!! its a bed!!

    i zink!  

  6. shweeeeet! said...

    lol maail dhombsss..hehe..
    errr..ive no wild guesses..lol *angelic look*  


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