was browsing thru my livejournal when i came upon this. brought back memories and a smile.

Resorts of Maldives

Sep. 17th, 2006 11:06 am
mood: indescribable

and thus one of the most weirest moments in my life has passed...

i come home very very tired and sleepy... and my mom thrusts a lil piece of paper at me" ra'e buny 10 resort ge room capacity hoadha dhybalaasho "

ra'e is my cousin..and their computer has gone bust apparently... sigh...here i am infront of the computer TRYING to perform my sisterly duties...and meem ,darling boy that he is, tells me that it is near impossible to find the number of rooms in a resort on their website..sad but true

so what did i do?
admit defeat?
no way honeys!

iiiiiii went ahead and picked out ten resorts and called each and every one of them..sounding verrrryyy professional[i hope] and got the required information...

of course as journeys must have their bumpy moments i met mine in this case too

the first resort i called. a guy with a veryyyy nice voice and verrrryy good spoken english [ why do i have to be such a sucker for guys with good eng usage?] was most....bastardish... he had the nerve to ask a lot of questions making ME lose my cool..and so out spils the truth..

"no this is not for me its for my cousin,and no i have no idea wat its for so can u please give me the information and get it over with?"

he said that he would call me back..did he ??

nooooooooo!so me,being me ofcourse... called HIM back...and the moment i said hello..he was like..ah..hello...and he had the nerve to hang up and THEN call me back..and proceeded to give me the information [after much wheedling] in a very very patrionising tone..and then..u knw wat he did???

[heavy loaded suspense]

he had the bloody nerve to ask my BLOODY name!!!


i tell him its sheri [dimples]

tch! wat a night!

okay so i admit it was kind of fun [hithun] to call them resorts up and ask them..some of the reception people were really nice ... one thai sounding girl too asked me what the information was for..but she [the darrrrrlign girl!] laughed sweetly when i told her [quite honestly] that i had no idea ,its for a brothers project and dont ask


that bastard in bathala resort need to learn some manners and proper customer care service! jus coz im a maldivian chica doesnt mean that he can roll me over and hang me upside down!!!

anyway on further news.. i went to sultans park miadhu haveeru.free gadeega..and i discover that the certain above act is forbidden by the queen bee! eeeeep!!! anyway it was fun

and totally and completely worrrrrth it.

NOTE: "eeeep!!"??? gawd..i was such a girls girl....


  1. Mode said...

    wow sheri dear wat a day.
    Ever thought of bein a journalist???
    Any way ur posts are of the sweetest i shud say.  

  2. shweeeeet! said...

    hehe lol..  

  3. Anonymous said...

    what the fuck?  

  4. Mrmaldivian said...

    A day from ur dairy dho, kewl


  5. ODIUM said...

    varah salhi...i like the mood 'indescribable'...LOL  

  6. gwynciar said...

    Still are?  

  7. bulhaa said...

    am not [glare]  

  8. kaiza shozey said...

    lol. yea, i remember that one. heheh. and u had loads of fun actually explaining that.hehe  


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