• i mailed haveeru and evening daily a week back about publishing Woody and Blobs. no reply. i guess Woody and Blobs aint gud enough eh?


  • im sitting infront of the computer scrolling thru flickr. im flickr-ddicted.


  • the math books are open on the table less than five feet away. exams are around the corner. but im sitting here writing this.


  • lately i feel like i have nothing intelligent to say. thus this rambling-gadzooking [is that even a word?]- attentioncraving post. what? atelast im honest about craving attention.



  1. gwynciar said...

    You really don't listen to me, do you? The Evening Weekly are a bunch of bloodsucking parasites. Believe me.

    Here's an anecdote: I applied for a job there. They had me submit four pieces of sample writing, which I took three days to work on. They told me that they'll get back to me about my job status. It's been two years--still no email. Not even a "Sorry, we're not interested" note.

    Some professionalism, eh?  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Maybe you didn't get a reply from The Evening Weekly coz they've stopped publishing it some months back.  

  3. moyameehaa said...

    c'com, those days are gone...when the creative people like you have to go after them get an 'opportunity' to publish ur work. now it is all about the creative people themselves.i think you are already reaching a 'huge' (?) audience...and we all like the stuff.after sometime...if you so badly wants to publish em.. you can publish a book maybe. web 2.0 and new media rulez...u ppl are the future.we are waiting for this kinda news papers to be born...the type of papers which will appreciate works like these and make most of it.if it is money u r looking for...i guess... you should try some other paper...but i dont think this other paper even, not yet. we are all waiting for our paper to com.  

  4. moyameehaa said...

    ...and keep em comin.dont stop.we are here, dho? :D  

  5. maail said...

    In other words, make a website for an online magazine kinda thing and start advertising. When it is popular enough charge em to read the magazine or an 'ad system' to gain some revenue, if you want money. ;)  

  6. Ameer said...

    You are right moyameehaa.
    Bulhaa, don't be down. Keep your hope. We are here.  

  7. shweeeeet! said...

    cmon! woody and blobs are way better than the stupid comic strips in evening weekly =\
    to be honest, i dun even read comics and im not interested in them..but this one is irresistible..really!
    and good luck with the semester exam =D  

  8. bulhaa said...

    yesh yesh gwyncy,, u told me after i had mailed them. and thanks for the comments guys, i appreciate it. [hugs all around]

    gluck to u too shweet.  

  9. .mini said...

    gadzooks o.O
    kihaa reethi baheh!
    and you are saying that you are losing ure intelligence
    nah, u arent :P  

  10. ODIUM said...

    first of all...gadzooks is an awesome word ingey...n evenig weekly pple suuuucks...woody n blobs are way beter than the stupid ones they have in them....dnt wory, woody and blobs wil be discovered...n i think u shud study sme wat to ur exams too ingey...:D  

  11. Vizaard said...

    Am I missing something here? Evening Weekly's been out of circulation for almost a year (I think??!) And I never saw a comic strip on it... Haveeru has some old, old ones though. Nothing recent and relevant to our times though.

    By the way, love your comic strip and as everyone is saying, you already do have an audience, so why do you need to go to Haveeru or any other newspaper anyway. If it's money, then I'm sure there's other ways to get it online for someone creative like you.  


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