often, if you dont think before you do something, wind up in situations where u have to think a lot.



  1. !!!ode said...

    so true sheri
    I lik ur posts  

  2. Radvixen said...

    so right :O  

  3. shaf said...

    so true  

  4. moyameehaa said...

    yeah. thinking the unthinkinked? gadzooking the gadzoaounikedz?

    "'visnumeh nethi hedhunu goaheh den alun kurumah rangalhu,
    visnumah adhi haguna bodukoh jehidheyey' - bunyey bulhaa"  

  5. Raniya said...

    too many instances like these... too many o.O
    maybe if we thought in the first place... lol
    aah what the hell  


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