The other world.

conversation between me and my five year old sister a while back as i was getting her ready for skool

her:dhondhatha aky kurin tution miss eh dho? eii zayaan ah kiyavaadhinyma.
me: hmmm

NOTE: zayan is simon's kid and one year younger than her

her: bunebala. zayan aky kon world eh ge kujje tha?
me: ein???
her: kon world eh ge kujjeh tha
me: err...hama mi world eh nun
her: dhen kyvve gen tha ehaa molhah english ingeny ehaa kuda iru?

i think she meant to say which 'country'. either way i had quite the time trying to convince her that she was getting oodles better at speaking english coz she was a bit upset thinking that zayan was way better at english than her KNOWING that he was younger than her.

which got me thinking...

with most people, it just ticks them off if someone younger than them could be better at something than they are.

like at a huge company. say ur 60 and getting retired. and say that ur job is like production manager or sumthing. wouldnt it tick you off when u discover that the person taking your job is young enough to be your grandson? i mean you spent years and years working up the corporate ladder and now ,these days, all it takes is a little certificate from a fancy college to just jump right in to the top. okay so they are brilliant theory wise.. but practically? are they?


  1. gwynciar said...

    It happens all the time. I've sort of grown immune to it, seeing that many of the talented little oompa-loompas of our present day are younger than me. She'll just have to grow into it and accept her own strengths rather than compete against somene else's?

    That's a thought. In school, we're all bred to think heirarchially. One against the other, so that one could get First Place over the other, etc. Everyone's working for their own benefit. But nobody teaches anybody, (at least in my day, they didn't) to work together for the common good in class, or something? When I was growing up, spending your time to help someone else was frowned upon.

    Your sister's probably way better at speaking Dhivehi than any other kid I've met, so thumbs up. No disrespect to Zayan.  

  2. kaiza shozey said...

    he's right u know. and ive seen this happening alot at workplaces too. the older folk would go on saying that theyve got much more experience that the new kid wont have whereas the new kid would be alot more knowledgeable that the old folk. i jes think that both of em are needed in order for a company to get the best results.....if they could work together. im sure both parties could learn alot from each other. but still, the added advantage would go to the person WITH the certificate right? cos he would eventually get that experience.  


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