we were trying to study for the islam test when my uncle came with a packet of balloons for us to blow for my aunts suprise party.below is the result. pls excuse my crappy handwriting.

ps.im so gonna flunk islam...

EDIT: stupid blogger wont let the pictures be enlarged when u click on them. i advise u guys to save it on ur desktop and then read. if u can be bothered to that is. personally i wouldnt. i hate reading dhivehi.


  1. diabolicaldevil said...

    lol! good one!
    A level dhivehi=useless  

  2. nass said...

    move to wordpress :)

    (u can even import all ur old posts n comments.)  

  3. Anonymous said...

    i love your handwriting :) seriously... it looks good and cool :))  

  4. ODIUM said...

    ur handwritin n drawings are awesme gurl..n ya islam in fail viyas ok vaane coz a level islam is useless as diabolicaldevil said...but havin fun is not ;)  

  5. Spark of Silence said...

    Is it possible to flunk Islam? Oh well if it is, lucky you. Its kinda useless actually  

  6. gwynciar said...

    Aren't you the patriot, Sheri?

    You know, if A Level Islamic Studies actually did serve its intented purpose, we mayen't have fornication, drug abuse, non-sequitor blasphemy oozing about?

    I'm under the impression that A Level Islam is like High School to Undergrad Science ~ its all about the scutwork. I mean, you'd hear many adolescents glorify and praise science..but once you get down to actually study it, you'd find that most of your time's spent in practicing your hand at calculation than pondering the mysteries of the universe.  

  7. moyameehaa said...

    haha nice one.gwynciar have a point there.A level islam is not understood by most of the students, they just kinda byheart it. (dheliganu dhaskurun...as one of my islam teachers put it) ...the spirit of islam is lacking there.as it was in O l we learned more about wars and strategic maps and all.

    and i think failing in A'L islam is not a big problem as failing in O'L islam.O'l islam is kinda compulsary.as if it is the pathway to heaven.  

  8. shweeeeet! said...

    u know what? mianna aharun fashaigen dhivehi islam is NOT compulsory o =s
    if so, im so gonna kill them! =\

    ps: this was a funny one..gess i shud start learning this way =p
    nahula aa dhemeehun islam dhas kuraashey kiyaafa kuraa kanthah dhekibala! hehe..  


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