The age old question.

why is it that when a man sleeps around he's a stud and when a woman does it, she's a slut?


  1. Anonymous said...

    men hav to put in a lot of effort and skill to get that much sex so they deserve to be called studs. a girl dosent hav to do shit, n i kno all u girls kno that!so stop dissin men who hav mastered the sacred art!  

  2. shweeeeet! said...

    hehe..wat a question..  

  3. vincinity of obscenity said...

    like the anonymous guy said... a guy works his ass off to get into a gals pants. but all a girl have to do is EXIST!

    men who sleep around DESERVE the title "stud"

    all you studs... safe sex, ingey.  

  4. ODIUM said...

    wow...great question, i ask them to al my guy friends that and they say the same as anonymus and vinicinity...and i say, if thats the case, girls should not be caled sluts but patient as they go thru it with them :P...hehe

    anyhws...its just a mater of opinion, there are girls who work their ass off to get laid as well dho...gues that explanation works for guys and girls  

  5. gwynciar said...

    It's just a symptom of living in a society tat still suffers from undercurrents of misogyny.

    Getting a girl isn't as hard, especially in Male. And getting a guy's even easier. It has nothing to do wiv 'ard work--its just rewriting labels.  

  6. Mode said...

    **still wonderin**
    why this bulhaa gets thse funny thots abt sex n all thse days?
    are u up to somthin bulhaa? ahem ahem  

  7. ~shan~ said...

    if i am not wrong, i think they call it "badi" right? well i've come up with this new idea.. i call those kinda gals "dheelathi kudhin" now.. lol..

    but seriously talkin,...i agree with vincinity of obscenity..

    gwynciar - yea gettin a gal aint hard as long as ur talkin about the ones you can buy for 200 bucks...! but getting a descent one is hard as hell!  

  8. moyameehaa said...

    i think for the same reason...when a guy beats his wife its called "wife abuse" and when a lady kills her husband it is called "battered woman syndrome due to continuous emotional abuse".

    and for the same reason people think men's mind are full of sex and women are less concerned with it.

    and this reason maybe some sorta gender bias in the society...or.. in short it is preconceptions,generalizations, the stoopid goddamned freakin thing called soceity.  


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