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related random thoughts that you might or might not want to skip:
the act of loving.
three main ingredients for a happy life?
or is it the three main ingredients for a helluva ugly rollercoaster?
the lack of communication between most couples is astounding really. certainly lack of proper communication has failed many a relationship.
example one: the *yawn* communication
Sully is a pretty girl.
Billy is a handsome boy.
pheromones [spelling?] do their magic and they get together based purely on the butterflies in their stomach. physical attraction. but after the first three exciting days of being together, they break up.
they bore each other. they dont find a single word that come out of their partner's mouth interesting.
not one.
example two: the *mis* communication
Joe and Joanne. very much in love. great chemistry. got oooodles in common. the perfect couple? no.
Joe: honey im home
Joanne: oh, thank god. i just got home myself! tough day at work.
Joe: Oh yea?.hmm.... wats for dinner?
Joanne: umm..hello? i just got home. im tired. i havn't cooked?
Joe:well go cook then.
Joanne: but im TIRED.
Joe: okay. lets go out-okay you're tired. we'll order in. i want a chicken friend noodles k?
at this point joe goes into the bedroom, whereas joanne is shocked by his outrageousness and lack of sympathy. she thinks "wheres my hug? wheres my aww baby let me take care of dinner tonight? wheres my bloody massage?!"
tsk tsk.
example three: the *no* communication
this is just where both the partners refuse to comunicate their feelings and thoughts either because
a) they had a deep dark past and dont trust anyone (rolls eyes)
b) or because they fear that their partner would think that they are stupid and cease to like them (rolls eyes again)
so realy. the language of love is naught but silly sounds that make no sense whatsoever. people will keep getting together with people they have nothing in common with or can have nothing meaningful to talk about with and their relationship will be based on a bunch of SIGHS!
[ for those who dont get it: *sigh* is metaphorically used here ]


  1. Ameer said...

    Wow. nice one. specially the fourth frame.  

  2. ODIUM said...

    *sigggggghhh*...hehe...yea the language of love...with al the communications....*sigh*...salhi one.

    i like blobby ge expresions in the strips...very 'inlovish' ;)  

  3. ekse said...

    I ... totally agree!!!! *sigh* kekekeke!  

  4. vincinity of obscenity said...

    joe doesnt owe joanne anything.

    joe probably had a tough day at work too. why does joanne have to be so fucking self centered? my GOD, women are so ego driven!  

  5. bulhaa said...

    thanks ameer :)

    odium, ITS NOT BLOBS!!! its the neighbour!!

    ekse: :)

    iya: ahh but where does joe mention that eh? if he doesnt COMMUNICATE and tell joanne that he too is tired she would keep on thinking that hes an ass. communication baby. communication.  

  6. vincinity of obscenity said...

    joanne is the bitch here who thinks she deserves special treatment. why does she hav to get it? why not joe? if joanne doesnt have the decency to be considerate, joe wont have the obligation to communicate.  

  7. The Shadowrunner said...

    Hahaha, love your stereotyping.
    PS: to make blogger leave no extra lines when you press Return Key, press Shift+Return.

    (I IS TEH GEEK)  

  8. rugiyya said...

    y do i get the feeling that this one is totally dedicated to me?  


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