bloggers = egoists?

someone once told me something along the lines of bloggers being a bunch of opinionated egoists. he claimed that he would never, ever read a blog.

are bloggers opinionated?

yes we are. very much so.


perhaps a bit. yes.

but come on really, everyone's gotta right to express their opinions. this is just our way of doing it.
atleast its better than sitting around complaining that 'our voices never get heard'.
we bloggers actually do something to make sure that our voices do get heard.
or rather read, in this case.


  1. gwynciar said...

    The advent of technology came with the computer, the hydrogen bomb, television, et cetera. When you think about it all, you realise that the post-industrial revolution’s effect truly boils down to a slight revision of the way we’ve been doing things for the past few thousand years or so of our collective existence.

    We’re still the same old neurotic, spoiled brats that we always were–only with bigger ‘n’ better toys to (a) show off our overall wonderful-ness; (b) to beat the crap out of, or irradiate or carpet-bomb, anyone and everyone against whom we feel small and insignificant: often under the pretexts of, say, retaliation or WMDs; (c) to look at monochromatic versions of other people doing monochromatic versions of other things on celluloid in the afternoon hours where there’s nothing to do; and, in this very special case, (d) to whine neurotically to anyone who’d pretend to listen.

    (d)’s for blogging, ladies and gentlemen. Let your imaginations soar for the rest.

    The diary, the holhuashi, and even the guidance counselor/psychoanalyst couldn’t keep us down, could they? We had to go on and invent the blog: this hypertextuous exercise of conceit and narcissism, blocks and blocks of words varying to the subconscious cries of “me, me, me, me, me, me” to be heard by some unsuspecting browser-by.

    But hey, I love doing it. And so does some few thousand other people on the Internet. Can’t say no to human nature, can we?

    So, back to the metaphors: WordPress’s my newest, coolest toy for my oldest, most natural game. And being quite the fan of Sergei Brin (for the inexplicable, irreducible reasons that [a] he’s the only executive of Google whose name that I can remember, and [b] Google is uber-cool) that I am, I felt like a deserter, a traitor, on finally deciding to leave Blogger. As much as it hurts: the new Blogger pretty much sucks. It does. Let’s be honest.

    We, at least I, can whine with much more visual and technological ease and eloquence at WordPress (*sigh of relief*). Its my special corner of the cyber universe that have much in common with the coffee-table and the armchair: a last refuge for one-sided subjectivity. While its not necessarily good for education or the contribution to knowledge, it can (most of the time) be good for catharsis and re-evaluation. Pure expression, ladies ‘n’ gentlemen: from the heart. You don’t know how rare it is to find this creature in this day and age when the smug and high would shoot down your ideas with a You Are Entitled To Your Opinion. Shattering.

    --written circa February, 2007.  

  2. maail said...

    the first comment answers the question..  

  3. subcorpus said...

    one of the few intances in blogosphere ...
    when the comments are longer than the darn post ...
    hehe ...
    no we are not on an ego trip ...  

  4. gwynciar said...

    "We" as a collective may not be egotists. But I know that I am.

    I'm totally in love with myself.  

  5. shweeeeet! said...

    wats the use of blogging then? =s  

  6. gwynciar said...

    Shweet: Being egotistical or narcissistic doesn't make blogging useless. It allows the ordinary person to really prepare and let his or her opinions be known without having to think about what people would say, especially the kind who'd merely ignore you with a simple "You're Entitled To Your Opinion". The smug bastards.  

  7. vincinity of obscenity said...

    I think im god's gift to humankind... is that too much? i dont think so. as for anyone who sez blogging is for "ego-ists" i say they are a "sove-it-up-their-ass-ists".

    good day.  

  8. Orange Fronkey said...

    You go girl.

    Opinions and egos will exist no matter what.. whether it's blogged or remains clogged in one's brain.  

  9. .mini said...



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