good night world!

what mommy?
its late?
i know i know.. time flies!
oh its one 5o am!?
i didnt realize !
yes ma'am ill get to bed straight away!
chop chop!

but u know the late bird didnt catch the worm and thus i would be saved from eating that slimy pale peach creature..thick and juicy... ick..

u know what else looks like a worm?
an uncircumsized white-male penis.


  1. gwynciar said...

    Sour grapes.  

  2. kaiza shozey said...

    ooooookkkkkkk. someone's been busy with uncircumsized penises. hehe. konthaakun fenigen thiulheny? *whistle whistle* jes like thick n JUICY worms huh? heheh.  

  3. .mini said...

    saw u on tv
    were you bored?  

  4. bulhaa said...

    gwynciar: indeed

    kaiza: eeeewwww.... i havnt seen one.. im just speculating O.o ur disgusting .

    .mini: i wasnt bored. stupid school made me go.  

  5. kaiza shozey said...

    dusgusting dho? lol. that i am. heheh. but come on. u remembered of a PENIS thru a WORM for gods sake :p . oh yea, november 3 ga TV falhufiluvailiyey dho varah rangalhah. heheh. u looked really ...really....BORED. hehe  

  6. bulhaa said...

    i was NOT BORED! it was quite interesting. broke my heart to see the old man cry thoh. stupid selfish tvm exploiting the heroes of our country for their own selfish needs >.<  

  7. kaiza shozey said...

    he cried? really? now i wish i had seen that till the end. dammit.  

  8. moyameehaa said...

    lol. kaiza.. most probably it mustnt me urs.kekeke.

    and i think you could have pur it another way.. like...what the fate of the early worm was? it was EATEN!..hehe..anyway i knw u really wanted to talk about what you saw in some non veg movie.  

  9. !!!ode said...

    Some one seen somethin for the first tym huh.**smirk**
    U were on TV, stupid me i turnd off da tv whn program started  

  10. Radvixen said...


  11. kaiza shozey said...

    @moyameehaa: nope. it definitely wasnt mine :P

    n Xactly what i was TRYING to imply. to put it in some other way. hehe. thanx  

  12. moyameehaa said...


  13. bulhaa said...

    i have NOT BEEN WATCHING PORN! >.<  

  14. monchi said...

    ah'umn...described in details, with colour and feel. r u sure u have not eaten one?!  

  15. aesha said...

    u saw a uncircumsized penis? wow u r lucky  

  16. kaiza shozey said...

    yea, lucky indeed. varah madhun noony nufennaane manzarekey ei uncircumsized penises. hmmmm, I for one have never actually seen an uncircumsized adult penis so i dont even know to compare it with a worm. so cant help u on this one. :p  

  17. Warm Pixels said...

    chicken sausages. or even a salami  

  18. cl0r said...

    "today this is my world; you'll be my girl
    i'm awake; it's my world

    today this is my world; you'll be my girl
    i'm awake; it's my world

    today this ain't my world; you're not my girl
    i'm asleep; goodnight world"

    //kaada & patton  


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