The spider web conspiracy

now other people might have thought of this.

and actually talked with other people about this.

so forgive me im late for arriving to this conclusion. [sticks tongue out]

i went out with my mom, brother and sister today. [this in itself is a rare occurance] and since its friday, the roads were filled with expatriates. we went past both sultan's park and the jumhoori maidhaan and i was like 'wow!'


[today also reminded me of why i had made it a rule to never go out on fridays]

so i was thinking, and said as much to mom, if all these expatriates were to get together and put their heads together...they have enough power to overthrow our entire nation! and they dont even need guns!

i mean

they diagnose us
they clean our wounds
they teach us
they make our food
they do our accounts
they make our buildings
they even clean our frigging toilets!

even if a small sector of these working expatriates go on strike we are dooomed!

lets say for an example that the people who clean our toilets and workplaces go on strike. can you imagine the impact it would have in homes? in offices??? on a HOSPITAL!?

now just imagine if they all team up and go on STRIKE TOGETHER!

it would be a catastrophe!

its like all the expatriates are placed in delicate positions of our society, weaved together in an intricate web and we are all being sucked in to it. being cocooned. WE ARE THE FRIGGING SPIDERS FRIGGIN LUNCH! we are the halpless flies struggling to break free.

only we are not.

we are not trying to break free.
us maldivians, being the lazy assed people that we are, bring more and more expatriates in EVERYDAY. coz its so bloody convienient to have someone else clean up your shit.

this might not be true. call me paranoid or whatever.

but someone .. someone could be planning this. planning to overthrow us. by using the same people we dismiss everyday as retards. the same people that we treat like shit and pay peanuts to.

how many of us have stopped dismissing them as "bangaalhi's" and started to think that they might actually have a brain. feelings. thoughts.

looking at the way maldivians do treat these people, i wouldnt be the least bit suprised if they do overthrow us. it would be so friggin easy for them. WE have made it that easy.

stupid. stupid.

[oh and please welcome my first ever political post]
{*clap clap*}


  1. shweeeeet! said...

    think abt it..what if all the TEACHERS go on a strike??
    CHSE would be empty =s
    And full of students with no education =s
    ain =s

    ur so true..
    but still they are disgusting =s  

  2. ~ange|~ said...

    jst the other day i was talkin abt the same thing.. O.o  

  3. Control Freak said...

    do u really think they actually care abt overthrowing this nation? i mean, we're the ones who pay their wages..
    1st time i actually commented on a "political" post btw  

  4. Warm Pixels said...


    Don't be such a xenophobic patriot... think globally. If they were to overthrow our government, they are more than welcome to. Heck, I'll participate too.

    A bit of love and care always goes a long way. Instead of abusing them and treating them like dirt, try loving and caring for them. They are also human, you know.

    you might want to read this...

    They have rights too. So would you, if you decide that Maldives SUCKS and go work somewhere else.

    Think about it.

    Oh, and by the way darling, catastrophe... not a trophy of bulhaa's ass...  

  5. Simon said...

    Bravo! Bulhaa does politix!

    When I wrote about how Maldivians were indolent by nature (pointing to a quote by Pyrard who observed that Maldivians were utterly indolent even in his time 400 years ago) many Maldivians who read the post disagreed with me. But I think the prevailing belief is that we are lazy and it is something that is accepted by the majority of people.

    Anyhoo, good that you think about it the same way.

    As for the conspiracy to take over this country...well, if any other country wanted to do this...they can do so effortlessly.

    There was once a conspiracy...the infamous Nov 3rd was thought to have been masterminded by some in the government in association with the then Rajiv Gandhi govt. of India.

    I would think that is how someone would take over this country. That is to say not by sending in labourers to infiltrate our strongholds, so to speak.  

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  7. Dude Crush said...

    Warm pixels: learn to read :P  

  8. gwynciar said...

    Funny how unlike the Americans who're awfully worried about Mexicans and other low paid labour in India and China are "stealing their jobs", we're worried about eventually having to work for ourselves.

    We're about as self sufficient as a five year old. And also with the myopia of one. Sure, from a global context, larger more accomplished nations can look at us and go "aww, they're so cute, they think that they can maintain an economy on just fishin' and tourism...aww, ain't that just purdy?"
    But I guess if you live at home, it means a lot.
    WarmPixels, we live in Maale, not anywhere else in the world where one could simphly switch off the tv and continue eating our dinners. So, it'd be rather stupid not being patriotic. Or even a bit ethnocentric.  

  9. ~shan~ said...

    uhh...errr...uhh..*thinks some more*....*blank moment*.... AHA! ur talking about the BANGALHEEZ eh! now why didnt u mention that when you started the post..

    and yeah!...expatriates and bangalheez are waaayy different typo ppl!..cuz..err..well hello!! they're friggin bangalheez for Christ sake!

    their "GALHINESS" started off with a "BANG" hehe xD thats why they are called "BANGALHEEZ" (this is me being  

  10. shums said...

    Excellent post...our thinking has been like this for a long time its just a few who really care about the expats, we merely shrug them off as someone who works for us...we take it for granted...that they are merely our "slaves" who do our every bidding...its sickening and I hope that every one who has read this would ponder over this matter (as I have done) and change our attitude and our narrow thinking! :)  

  11. Uzain said...

    Awesome post...

    and good point, so as long as they don't go on strike, we're, we just need to treat them better! :D  

  12. vincinity of obscenity said...


    people have been talking about that for AGES. figures that YOU'D think that NOW considering you never go OUT.


    go out more often and maybe u'd come to more epiphanies.  

  13. .mini said...

    i agree with CresceNet!!!
    btw, lets hope that they dont read this and try out this "frigging" idea of yours!
    CresceNet gave such a nice comment!
    i really love it!  

  14. ekse said...

    you are totally right!! I agree with you...  

  15. moyameehaa said...

    congra...but i think this is not ur first political post.i remember something else... whatever, this is a gud one.and just think about the wealth sucked out of our country by these people. i dont blame em..i blame the lazy maldivians.and those teachers who take thousands and thousands of givin tuition damn it!and also going to kuni ukan parttime.

    and its not only the lazy people but the stupid people who dont think about future and elect politicians for aquafresh burus and foi listu.  


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