women + food + dates = ???

I had an interesting conversation at lunch yesterday [salsa 205; highly recommended – excellent food and plus they forgot to bill us half the food :D]

My friend gave me dire threats to finish my food [ okay I exaggerate] complaining that most women never finish their food. Especially out on dates.

Which is true really. Most girls just push around food in their plates.

So he asks me to enlighten him as to why we do that.

And I tell him, thati don’t usually do it. but girls usually do it ladhun. And not being wanted to be seen as a –wat? Im at loss for a word here.

And also, a girl would refrain to ordering junk food[ namely submarines, huge sandwhiches burgers] when out with a person that she wants to impress.

Our logic?

Whats a bigger turn off than a mouthful of food as we open our mouths to accommodate a huge bite?

He scoffs.

Yes girls, he scoffs.

So apparently they don’t get turned off. Its just food they say. You have to open your mouth to eat. So eat.

Ladies, this is a breakthrough. No more wondering which food to order on first dates or any dates whatsoever. Men respect women who eat. who finish their food. So lets let them have their money’s worth eh?


  1. maail said...

    you have no problem watsoever finishing your food :P  

  2. bulhaa said...

    yes well im an exception :D  

  3. Simon said...

    If a guy is so vain as to get turned off by the sight of food in your mouth, you're with the wrong guy...OR...check whether he really is a guy. :P  

  4. diabolicaldevil said...

    i agree with what simon said :P  

  5. Control Freak said...

    great to knw tat its a lady who actually made this breakthrough :-)
    totally agree wit simon btw  

  6. gwynciar said...

    Every girl I've been out with is nothing short of a gluttonous pig. Regardless of whether or not they were wit;h a relationship with me.  

  7. .mini said...

    if i remember correctly, you didn't eat half a submarine that day we met
    so what happened then?
    oh well, it wasn't a date anyway
    if i can't eat, i give it to my friends
    lets see what i do on a date  

  8. freespirit said...

    i agree with simon =)  

  9. shweeeeet! said...

    food dho? how can i leave food for a guy? to please HIM? hehe lol
    and yes! salsa 205 is rele rele good! eiy kureege sinthiana inn than dho? o.O  

  10. shaari said...

    hey, bulha or puppy rather,

    its actually a turn-on to see a girl with her mouth open for a big bite. but when she has her mouth open wide to yawn it's a turn-off. context matters!

    & yes, girls normally dont finish up their dishes cos they simply just dont eat much in general. or they're too weight conscious!  


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