dear dhiraagu,

dear dhiraagu,

vedhun salaamah fahu liyameve.

kalaa ge haalu kihinei tho eve? mi alhaa ge haalaky vai thereyga enburey fatheh kahala ehchekah kalaa thi hadhaaly thaa eve.

now and i.
we had an agreement.

u be good to me, and give me what i need. and i do not swear at you and get dad to pay the bills.

i thought we understood each other. i thought we had a 'thing' going on.

but u horrible thing! u horrible horrible broadband. kobaatha kuri vaudhu tha? dhekki foni huvafenthah! the uninterrupted flow of sweetness u promised me kept dissapearing every five seconds! whats up with that eh?

im dissapointed in you

oh. ur back again. wats that? sorry?
"its too late to apologize" - timbland

wazzat? u wont do it again??
hmmm...fahu fareh mathin maafu koffin...

fine fine. get off me now. no need to get all emotional.

just remember.

this is the last time u do this!

the next time u dissapear without an explanation im dialling 123!!



  1. D cOLOr Of <((SuN RisE))> said...

    LOL!!! ehehehe that was fun!!! vara salhi ingey imagination!!!  

  2. bulhaa said...

    honey, that wasn't imagination. that was pure frustration!  

  3. Ameer said...

    That is'nt abnormal with Dhiraagu. Isn't it? And even ROL is far behind Dhiraagu. So you have no other alternative. Just tolerate with them. :|  

  4. odium said...

    varah dhiraagu will again do it, am sure....eyrah ves mikahala salhi posteh liyachey ingey ;)  

  5. Neobe said...


  6. gwynciar said...

    Dhiraagu is indeed a bitclh, her, or his (in your case, that frickin' tranny) wily scummy-ness is not to be trusted.  

  7. me said...

    somebody should have placards and organise a protest during the SPEED show of dhiraagu on 14th. wtf is dhiraagu doing when they are offering only 3GB as quota to us home users. we aint got the bucks to pay for business packages. we aint happy with unlimited package's speed of 512 kbps. we need 1 mbps or 2 mbps unlimited. or at least something like 15 GB with 2 mbps. Can dhiraagu give us that? dhiraagu is making a mountain out of a mole hill. speed. what speed?  

  8. me said...

    i propose maldivian bloggers community organise a small protest during dhiraagu music show, calling for unlimited access to internet with 2 mbps. dhiraagu is keeping maldives far behind when ppl in europe and america is moving forward with broadband. even packages in india and sri lanka are better than dhiraagu packages. doesn't dhiraagu know that we need to watch youtube videos, upload photos to flickr, post to our blogs and have voice conversations with our friends? whats this shameless promotion of broadband? isn't dhiraagu a joke when they offer only 3GB quota with this 2 mbps package?  

  9. Mode said...

    Ya very nice bulhaa. Adives foni kandaane inghey.
    Com on the idea of protesting fascinates me.
    I like it.
    So don't keep hidin urself.
    Come out.  

  10. bulhaa said...

    erm.. im not that mad at dhiraagu...  

  11. Ca said...

    A better alternive comes in - We all will make a quick shift, that's certain. Unless they really do something about this...

    I've written to Dhiraagu many times.. They are asking for my phone no. (i said to them, they were just waiting for wataniya to come, even in case of mobile phones, and i was suggesting them not to imagine the same for internet; if they are sincier in their commitment, the truth is they will make better profits, and we all will love it)

    I rem'ber they used to say, in 90's and early 00s, that maldivian population isn't big enough to provide rates which the public are willing to pay. You must knoe, you have already sucked our money & now we know the truth we are very upset about your plans.  

  12. Mrmaldivian said...

    meow meow.. truly do understand ur feeling bulhaa.. Its the same with all dhiraagu users n ROL users, really frustrating, does drive us crazy, just litle by litle they do giv hope.. with their tiny promotional days,
    I also call on to REFORM internet ISPs of Maldives.
    Petition to provide satisfying service as much as they charge.  

  13. Thom said...

    heheheh hess kiyaafa salhi :D
    and yes, you speak for all of us :P  

  14. shweeeeet! said...

    i know the feeling =D  


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