"Just Friends"

woody and blobs, it seems, is getting lamer every day.
sorry if i seem to dissapoint.

ps. i will write and dedicate poetry to anyone who buys me a sketch book from asrafee (ran out of paper again)


  1. diabolicaldevil said...

    o! bulhaa what a big header you got!

    btw its almost true! abt the sketch book thing, i'd rather ask for a wacom!! how abt havin a fund raising to buy u a wacom?  

  2. bulhaa said...

    wat the heck is a wacom?  

  3. diabolicaldevil said...

    wacom graphire tablets!!  

  4. Mode said...

    hmmm a sketch book frm asrafee

    Got it!
    but how can send it u? thru mail??  

  5. Anonymous said...

    u poor dear. if u really believe that then u just havent met friends like that yet.  

  6. Mode said...

    oh yeah!  

  7. Thom said...

    I am just going to be all geeky and whatever.. but I love your comic strip... and the characters!!! Sooooo cool ekeke :)  


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