my five faces: anger, denial, angst, shock and joy.

this is not my best piece . but i dont care. art is not supposed to look good eh? just supposed to 'express my feelings'? i've never been much for art that doesnt appeal to the eye though. most of the time, i dont care about expressing myself. as long as im able to draw something that looks good. something that pleases.
so have i been able to express myself thru that piece of junk up there? take a wild guess. what am i trying to say?

im leaving for dheli tmrw for this saarc round of debate about some environmental thingamabob. so if i dont update my blog anymore it will be because
a] i died in a plane crash on the way to dheli
b] i got mobbed and killed in dheli
c] i got raped and brutally murdered in dheli
d] i died in a freak accident in dheli
e] i died on the plane ride home.

miss me.


  1. Ameer said...

    Already started missing you.  

  2. rapist said...

    hmm (c) would be really intresting! jus ask them to take a video clip from their mobile and upload to ur blog!

    Enjoy :*  

  3. rapist said...

    (f) you got brainwashed by some guru, and you emraced hindhusm. bagwaan does not allow blogging  

  4. shweeeeet! said...

    saabas! busy is not a reason dho ehemma? =p
    will mish yoo!
    and good luck with that debate thingy..
    about the art, its says sumthing dho..hmm..  

  5. Anonymous said...

    u were talkin abt makin spellin mistakes, but i guess u r one of dem too coz delhi is not spelled as dheli but delhi!  

  6. odium said...

    oh..ur going to the saarc thing? wow reason u can add up that u died of boredom :)

    but i realy hope nothin up there hapens to u and u wil cme bak :D  

  7. .mini said...

    i just love your drawing!
    maybe its not your best but it has its own magic
    i love the lil person thingie below

    and goodluck with the debate thing :D  

  8. zane_x7 said...

    and u didnt evn sms me before you left ??....fine.  

  9. Anonymous said...

    hey, i'm glad to realise that death is the only thing that'd stop u from updating yr blog. that's the spirit!

    gud luck in delhi  

  10. Control Freak said...

    how long til we assume ur dead??
    n gud luck with that debate if u havnt done it already..  

  11. pratima said...

    you aren't dead....yeah......remember me...priettyma...if ya don't then...get ready to get a kick from me...weeelll...i saw ya's sketches...ya have potential...try doing more happy sketches...congrats for returnig home..bye bye..say to aseel ...hi  

  12. bulhaa said...

    prettymaa: helloo!! thanks!

    control freak: IM ALIVE!!

    Shaari: thanks!

    zane: assface! i call u all the way from delhi and i come back to this?? >.< ungrateful baboon.

    .mini: thanks gurlie

    odium: worry no more!

    anon: hehe. arigato

    shweeet: thanks :D

    rapist: erm...okkkayyy???

    ameer: awww...thou art tho thweet.  


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