Thoughs from New Delhi

(i got the spelling right this time :P)

  • i did not die
  • i realized how proud maldivians are. we never wash our dirty laundry in the public
  • i got envious of the indians and pakistani's coz they can talk freely about politics and what they think about the current leaders without having the threat of possible kickout from school over their heads
  • im proud of maldives for two reasons

a) our toilets in the airport terminals are waaaayyyy better than that of india's

b)on takeoff and landing from the male' airport i realized that the photos dont do it justice. maldives is effing beautiful.


  1. shweeeeet! said...

    oooh u dint die!
    annnnd, welcome back!  

  2. Mode said...

    U back dhoa.
    wow .
    Goooooood welcome back.  

  3. prietyma said...

    i also realized that maldivians are lazy .slept till late morning...and also not punctual.....kathmandu's airports are much better then the indians...

    p.s. no offense meant  

  4. D cOLOr Of <((SuN RisE))> said...

    wel com back  

  5. bulhaa said...

    shweeet!: yea! i didnt! celebrate! rejoice! hehehe

    mode,sunrise: thanks :)

    prettymaa: hey hey, we were very very punctual. we got ready on time even though we slept late :P  

  6. Anonymous said...

    1) maldives is not beautiful. small coral islands and reefs are beautiful. overall maldives is a piece of rotten turd.

    2) maldives airport toilets are not as clean as they seemingly used to be. consider the Toilet to Person ratio in India (the second most populous country in the world) and that of Maldives.. if WE had 1 billion maldivians (midget, idiotic, uncivilized, ugly as they generally come) maldivian toilets will be 1-mile high piles of crazy rotten shit.

    In conclusion, India rules. maldives sucks. Indians are beautiful and intelligent. Maldivians are ugly, idiotic and small midgets. India is thriving. India has some of the best brains in the world, some of the richest men in the world. Maldives is decaying and hopeless. Maldivians are thieves, paedophiles, Islamic extremists and murderers.

    Maldives is a shame, a liability, a small mass dangerous ugliness. A shame to humanity, a shame to human evolution, and a striking and supreme example of how deep failure and stupidity can be taken.  

  7. bulhaa said...

    bulhaa: darling do u want a one way ticket to india???

    maldives is a vast improvement on somethings compared to india. like child labour and poverty. look at the bright side man. then perhaps u would be less inclined to comment anonymously.  

  8. prietyma said...

    hey you theanonymous one....i dare you to reveal your name....just don't be afraid...maldives is hawaii of asia  

  9. xLyCaNx said...

    lol...he thinks india is better compared to this beautiful country of ours.!!! there is no way that it can happn!!!n guess wat...i am proud to b a MALDIVIAN!!! n INDIANS SUCKZ!!!  

  10. Anonymous said...

    maldives is a curse. it's unfortunate that our ancestors ever left India. we're Indians and we should assimilate with India ASAP.  

  11. !!!ode said...

    yeah a curse it might be.
    But its a shame to us bcos our ancestors left a heavenly place like india and came here to give birth to unfortunate anonymoUses like you.
    Perhaps we should move there and start cleaning( the work our ancestors left undone, right? )

  12. gwynciar said...

    Wow, anonymous...real strong on the racial tension card, aren't you? You know, I'm Indian-born and I've lived in the Maldives near all my life and me merely saying that you're wrong probably has more merit than the subjective twaddle you spent some 5 seconds (or 15 minutes, if you're not included in said number of Biggest Brains) to write down.

    Here's my take on the matter. We're all the same, deal with it.  

  13. gwynciar said...

    It's amazing how I seem to have the last word on most things on your blog ^_^.  

  14. bulhaa said...

    maybe its coz ur the last one to comment?  

  15. Anonymous said...

    jay hindh. long live India the Motherland, the mother of our Destiny. India  


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