1. when you put fire on dust, it smells nice.
  2. you must never NEVER beat your five year old sister in ANYTHING. and you must never NEVER do anything better than she can. if you do however do it, you WILL be subjected to screaming , punching, tantrums and tears.
  3. you can never be too wrong...theres always a point where u are more wrong than u ever were
  4. everybody accepts the fact that everyone's unique but they wont quit bitching about how nobody thinks the same.
  5. theres always a new low you can sink into. and a new high too, but hey, since when did anyone focus on the good?
  6. i don't honestly know why i blog.


  1. foniboki said...

    6th fact fits me too  

  2. shweeeeet! said...

    7. ur lucky that there isnt a blog named dog/kuhthaa :P

    ok i dinno nething else to say :P  

  3. Control Freak said...

    no. 6 made me think too :S  

  4. gwynciar said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. cl0r said...

    i know! i know!
    'cause you luuuuuuuv comments. =D

    *jumps excitedly*  

  6. bulhaa said...

    hehehe... maybe :P

    munshi. why??????  

  7. shweeeeet! said...

    because cats and dogs dont go well ennu :S  

  8. .mini said...

    munshi, tut tut  

  9. shaari said...

    u blog cos u simply love blogging & u know that, dont ya :-)  


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