Playing with Death

Beautiful picture isn't it?
Is it much better than the last now that the spider is dead???


Now why in hell's bells is this picture better than the last just 'cos the spider is dead?

Would u still say that this is a cool picture, if i had arranged a dead rat instead? a dead cat? a dead bird? a dead HUMAN?

The responses , I'm guessing, would range from :

rat: "ewwww grosss..."
cat/bird: " awww man..poor can people be so cruel? "
human: " OMG bulhaa!! U ARE SICK!"

Now why am i not labeled as sick or sadistic when i post a picture of a dead spider?
What makes the spider any less important than the cat or the human?
Who decides the value of life?
It's not you
And its certainly not me

Because the last time i checked, no one has yet build a device which can measure the 'life importance' of different species. And until somebody does, I'm sure as hell going to be adamant that the value of every life, big or small, creepy or disgusting, is the same. That we are all equals.

Why? Well if u ask me that, I'm going to have to go into a whole other theory which involves food chains and ecological balance n yada yada. Which i don't want to do right now.

Anyway back to me being sick. Let me tell you the story behind the spider.

  • I spotted it in the bathroom
  • Rushed in there fully equipped with the camera
  • Couldn't take a proper shot because my hand was shaking so badly. The spider was HUGE. Of course i was scared!
  • My camera decides to die out on me
  • Mom convinces my little brother to kill the spider 'cos apparently the bathroom was only big enough for one of them. It was either her, or the spider. And well, she needed to use the bathroom
  • I tell my brother to not to 'squish it'
  • I pack away the dead spider in a box while my camera is being recharged
  • And then, when it was fully charged...i take out the spider, and THEN take the pictures.
Now you tell me.
Am i not sick?
Have i not used the spider's death for my own selfish purposes?
Don't people, photographers, artists etc, all over the world do the exact same thing?

In one breath we fight for animal rights, in the other we use them mercilessly. Like slaves. [Its quite one thing if it were a symbiotic relationship, but most of the time that isn't the case]

We are all hypocrites.
Every one of us.
Even you.
...and especially me.


  1. Mode said...

    what are u really trying prove?
    1. you are a better cat in makin others kill tiny helpless creature(but 'not to squish it')??
    2. you are a cat fighting for cat rights??
    3. you are an animal fightin for animal rights but still beat records in breakin them and above all boast it proudly?

    me bein hypocrite? suits me well.  

  2. maail said...

    tsk tsk...guilt trippin' ain't ya?  

  3. s.s said...

    Hypocritical :(  

  4. .mini said...

    tut tut bulhaa
    you are thinking too much!  

  5. stikyshokr713 said...

    oh god... the awful truth...
    i don't think we can be friends anymore :p

    and it is DEFINITELY much better than the last one now that the spider is dead. because its arranged in a very catchy,very dead way.  

  6. shweeeeet! said...

    wats with u and spiders nowadays neway?
    cats and spiders dun go along well u know..  

  7. Anonymous said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  8. Anonymous said...

    it's part of art. u can't avoid a bit of selfishness & opportunism in art. it's even necessary a lot of times. consider these 2 photos which won world press photo of the year:

    both haunting pictures well-worth the reward. if u look at it this way, the photographers received the most prestigious accolade in photo journalism by using images of people in hardship. on the other hand, in a non-cynical viewpoint, the fact that the images won, brings these sad stories to further global attention which is very important indeed. so there's always 2 sides i guess...  

  9. Simon said...

    What is hypocritical to me is you using a damned good camera to shoot terrible photos of a spider.  

  10. subcorpus said...

    the above experience has thought you at least 3 very imporatnt things in photography ...

    1) a photo opportunity can come along at moment ...
    2) you have to be prepared ... keep your equipment ready ...
    3) you have to have patience to get your shot ...
    4) you can be your own critic sometimes ...
    i know its more than 3 ... couldnt stop myself ...
    and b4 u ask ... i'm not a very good photograher ... but i try to read up the subject sometimes ...

    bulhaa at least gives us a few pics ... you have a dSLR and we have yet to see any pictures from you ... hehe ...  

  11. Simon said...


    Just because I have dslr does not mean you should see my photos. :P  

  12. Kuky said...

    hey you should let me know next time you see a spider that size.. i've been looking for one for a pet.. all little runts at my place.. :(  

  13. Orange Fronkey said...

    ewww you are so sick.. lol i just wanted to say that...

    that is a cool picture though... but i liked the creepy one on your friend.. it brought out great deal of emotions.

    as for dead things... my cat killed a little yellow bird.. i had it on one hand and took a picture of it with the other. i didn't post it online but eh we alll do weird things :P.

    there's this japanese horror flick called "abnormal beauty"... this chick who is a photographer wants the most awesome photographs there is... but she is not motivated with all the crap around her.. oneday she witnesses a suicide and takes pics of the person dying in various angles... then the obsession goes to an extreme...

    your post reminded me of it :P lol.

    People wil say this and that, we can use the goodness in it and discard the bad stuff, we don't need no negative shit from others... =). I think you are a superb photographer and your ideas are very unique.  

  14. asemah said...

    Hmm, is your little brother (the great Arachnid Slayer) for Hire? I have some vermin I need to get rid of (...a certain legacy...pain...hee hee hee)

    PS. That 8 legged, venomous looking, shadowy crawly thing that’s pattering around under your bed at night is probably not the dead spiders restless spirit that’s come back to haunt you. Sweet dreams.  


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