The Polo

a movie by moi
*bats eyelashes*


  1. shweeeeet! said...

    mulhi thaaga bulhaage dhefai :P
    is this wat u did for the video contest?
    awesome ingey!
    the concept, and everything!
    the song selection rocks :P  

  2. Raniya said...

    Hey bulhaa this is really cute.
    If you're entering that contest, we've got ourselves a competition.

  3. maail said...

    what contest?  

  4. nass said...

    Cooooool :D
    I hope u win (the contest shweet was talking about)  

  5. bulhaa said...

    hehehe.. thanks guys :D

    maail theres this short film contest at skool.
    and no this is not for the contest. i was just fiddling around. :D  

  6. foniboki said...

    you are nominated for all categories!
    wait for the awards!  

  7. Anonymous said...

    v cool :)  

  8. Orange Fronkey said...

    Way too cool my girl!! way too cool!!! love the editting and absolutely love the music you chose... rofl! :P  

  9. Waylander said...

    Awwesome!! :D  

  10. radvix3n said...

    haha that was so cute. ure so creative u always come up with new cool stuff. *claps*

    btw what's the name of that song? O_O the first one... and the second one too pls? :$  

  11. aesha said...

    one of the best posts of yours! realy fabulous  

  12. s.s said...

    Nice! This is somethin' that I could use to share a chuckle, I'm planning to 'link' this to my outrageously misinformed friends...^_^
    Varah kewl!  

  13. Some Random Dude said...

    Nicely done, you've got some talent there..;-) Keep it coming!!  

  14. nomad9491 said...

    awesome !! love the humor in it ;~D  


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