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  • communication is screwed up these days.

what happened to the old times when people used to visit houses, hang out, and have a jolly time?
from that it changed to calling up on the phone and saying hi.
annnd then it changed to instant messaging.
and now? facebook. thats how ppl communicate. effing facebook. even those within male'. and true incident : [this happened at my house] my mom and my aunt communicated at one point thru MSN!


  • language is so weird.
u know the swear word suvaru? meaning pig?
well i was thinking today and realized that suvaru is just a letter and fili away from being suvaruge, meaning heaven. thats just ...wrong.

ps. im not really sure suvaru is a dhivehi word nor that it means pig, asked around not many were sure either so now i am declaring that suvaru is indeed a dhivehi word and that it means pig. and like they do in the parliment, to make my declaration valid i have beside me maa [] declaring it with me. thank you.


  1. maa nasih said...

    You're right, language is funny. Like how god backwards is dog? But I reckon they lexically/whatever-the-right-word-is have no connection.  

  2. sinningslave said...

    Language is so weird...that's very right? That 'suvaru' thingy is very 'ew' indeed!  

  3. Control Freak said...

    or maybe you just think too much ;)
    i also heard dat the word 'document' in french is considered rude..not sure if its true or not tho..  

  4. shweeeeet! said...

    never heard :S
    but yes, language is weird!  

  5. subcorpus said...

    where did u even hear that word ...
    i havent heard that word since ... i dunno ... its been ages ...
    nobody uses it anymore ... may be they eventually discovered there is fine line between that word and heaven ... one slip of the tounge and ... imagine the possibilities ... hehe ...  

  6. Anonymous said...

    one time when i was a kid a coupla cops questioned me on the street cos i said something rather loudly that sounded to them like 'suvaru'. well, their problem was i was swearing loudly infront of a minister's home. and i said "for heaven't sake i wasn't swearing & i never mentioned suvaru, ok'.

    i dont remember exactly what i said that sounded like suvaru, maybe suvaruge or bumaru...heheh  

  7. kaiza shozey said...

    hmmm, dunno about you but i still witness the people coming over part everyday. let it be relatives or friends.maybe cos my house seems to be a gathering place of some sort. lol. hggh.

    'suvaru' dho? *raises eyebrow* it means pig ey????? first time ive herd someone say that it means pig. so 'ooru' would be.....? *whistle whistle*  

  8. Anonymous said...

    i remember asking my islam teacher whether only "suvaru"s will go to "suvaruge"...and he said that "suvaru" is not a swear word. i think he said it meant something else (cant remember what) but then its funny that people use "suvaru" as a swear word...and as far as i know it does mean pig. dhivehi bahakee ishaaraatheh...baheh noon...ehenveema vaa gotheh. heh  

  9. mode said...

    your posts started becomin damn borin!
    wats happpen??
    looosing your touch?  

  10. moyameehaa said...

    according to radheef. suvaru also means ooru. but there are other meanings like happiness.

    but i think suvaruge is not derived from suvaru and ge'.but it is also used in urdu/hindi as heaven.and hell is called narak. actually this has the roots in sanskrit (like many other dhivehi words). in hindu and some buddist sacred books svarge (not suvaruge)means heaven. see this for example.

    and about the main topic here, why dint you visit your friends and tell em about this, instead of bloggin it?

    ive seen in a dhoni, the cappi was talking to the guy at hungaanu from mobile,directing the course of the is a mini dhoni btw.

    another incident, a lady in one house called to the next house to ask if garudhiya is available...if so, she would send her kid with a boathashi....both incidents from kaashidhoo,when mobile phones became popular there for the first time.


  11. kaiza shozey said...

    and there we have it. lol  

  12. Radvixen said...

    its "sooar", isn't it? lol. it's a hindi word. it goes like "sooar ke bachche". which i guess, means "you son of a pig"? lmao!

    and yep you're right... weird how one word in another language could mean like a really bad thing in another language... or like how u said.. a fili could change the whole thing O.o  


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