Bad Timing

inspired by thoamy.
honey, we will always travel in pairs.
yes. even to the bathroom.
you can't change that, sorry.


  1. Ameer said...

    Yet another superhit version! Woooo!  

  2. Coffeeholic said...

    Why though? Why must girls go in pairs to the washroom? The only times I thought it would be necessary were when you were in American prisons--where washrooms go al fresco and you suffer from a high probability of being taken out on mid-crap.

    They used to do that in That Seventies Show ("Donna! Bathroom!"). Never understood the underlying significance.  

  3. BubbleToes said...

    hahhahaa! woodys gota kyp his mouth shut!
    cute one!  

  4. shweeeeet! said...

    guys wud never understand!
    men are so stupid stupid stooooopid!
    that felt good =D  

  5. .mini said...

    hehe yeah, reminded me of that 70's show, as coffeeholic said

    not only men don't understand, i don't understand it either
    i can understand walking on the street and stuff but, bathroom? :S

    oh well, i love the strip, as usual! :D  

  6. shan said...

    this is the typo mysteries they gotta show on the discovery channel! "why women go2da ladies' room in pairs"

    i actualy asked around about this and non of them could give me a sensible answer...i remember of them said "what if a man is in there!" lol....yea! men hide in the ladies room ALL the time! RIIITE!...well i guess i'll just go on askin till i find out whats the real deal behind this...hehe  

  7. AzMyst said...

    Ah that's the way to change the subject. So there really isn't any real reason is there. It just is. "e ee ekan oh goh!"  

  8. chaos said...

    it prolly comes from the stone ages when the men used to 'bop a woman on the head' [quoted from somewhere] n take her .. err away..

    security in numbers concept i guess.. but if so why limit it to pairs.. why not whole gangs of gals rushing off to the loo?

    this certainly is a mystery..

    love the strip.. worth publishing in print in my opinion.  

  9. chaos said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  10. chaos said...

    someone pls delete one of those up there and this post too pls.  

  11. Anonymous said...

    good onee! as always :D
    agree about the stupid part >_<  


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