helplessness 101.

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meet kitty.

my cousin found him lying on the side of the road and brought him home. i think he had an accident coz the poor thing cant move its body. it can barely lift up its head.
dont think its otherwise ill though... but dammit what would i know?
and this being the hell hole that it is, would have no vet.

i've been giving it paracetamol and milk through a syringe but that too under cover. if my dad finds out ive been near it, he would kill me[ hes very anti-cat]
i have no idea wat i can do for kitty that would make him better.



  1. .mini said...

    awww.. such a nice capture..
    i told rifu to check your blog, she could help i guess  

  2. rifu...da gr8... said...

    alhe nooooon!
    dat bulhaaaburi is soo loaabi..
    *sniff sniff*
    try givin him multi-vitamin droplets in water. oo better giv him like 2 drops a day (wit nuwater wit da pipette like thingie inge). dat wud do i guess. n keep him in a warm place. i heard paracetamol is not ehaa ehaaa guuudhiezzz forr kithieezzz. but happy to kno dat urr takin gud care of da poooor thing :) n givin him milk is gud(Y)! :D
    *m in n angelic moood btw :P...honestly seein da post made me weeali maithiri juz now*  

  3. Anonymous said...

    well well... if you're the epitome of animal rights that you profess to be, then you'll do the humane thing and give it milk laced with cyanide. yeah kill the thing. eliminate the unnecessary sufferin. send it to kitty heaven.

    somehow i feel you'll be gritting your teeth by now and cussing your throat dry. but then whats the point of letting it live? even if it convalesces, who knows what trouble it'll get into next? maybe some truck will run overit. or it'll fall into my hands and i'll just tie it in a bag with a rock and throw it into sea. aah.. the pleasure of giving happiness to an innocent animal.. nothing beats it ..except perhaps eating a butchered cow, or a slaughtered chicken. or maybe those chicken babies we steal and drop into boiling water. people go on and on about lobsters when they forget that their morning eggs get the same treatment. and dont those barbecued fish look sad? their eyes seem to call for mercy. oh and beans and peas! how they were robbed from the comfort of their life cycle only to be crushed and corroded with acid in some glutton's digestive system. and i'll be unjust if i forget the millions of bacteria that get killed in our lungs and blood everyday. and the insects that we inadvertently crush beneath our feet. maybe the best thing would be to kill ourselves. yes, lets make a pact of mass suicide in the name of PETA. for the animals, the future conquerors! the cruel reign of man isover, let the giant lizards take back their right.

    "Recently there has been a reaction against racialism and patriotism, and a tendency to substitute the whole human species as the object of our fellow feeling. This humanist broadening of the target of our altruisms has an interesting corollary, which again seems to buttress the ‘good of the species’ idea in evolution. The politically literal, who are normally the most convinced spokesmen of the species ethic, now often have the greatest scorn for those who have gone a little further in widening their altruism, so that it includes other species. If I say that I am more interested in preventing the slaughter of large whales than I am in improving housing conditions for people, I am likely to shock some of my friends.

    The feeling that members of one’s own species deserve special moral consideration as compared with members of other species is old and deep. Killing people outside war is the most seriously regarded crime ordinarily committed. The only thing more strongly forbidden by our culture is eating people (even if they are already dead). We enjoy eating members of other species, however. Many of us shrink from judicial execution of even the most horrible human criminals, while we cheerfully countenance the shooting without trial of fairly mild animal pests. Indeed we kill members of other harmless species as a means of recreation and amusement. A human foetus, with no more human feeling than an amoeba, enjoys a reverence and legal protection far in excess of those granted to an adult chimpanzee. Yet the chimp feels and things and – according to recent experimental evidence – may even be capable of learning a form of human language. The foetus belongs to our own species, and is instantly accorded special privileges and rights because of it. Whether the ethic of ‘speciesism’, to use Richard Ryder’s term, can be put on a logical footing any more sound that that of ‘racism’, I do not know. What I do know is that it has no proper basis in evolutionary biology." R.Dawkins, The Selfish Gene

    curiously he forgets to mention the eating part. so i guess i am an extremist. but then where do we draw the line. for all the walnuts in that headache called ethics, i guess we all have our own nutcrackers. so why stop me if i enjoy a little hunting now and then?  

  4. Anonymous said...

    iguess he does mention the eating the part (damn my treacherous short-term memory!). but still not in the gruesome way i would have expressed it. i feel that underneath all our pretentious morals, to an objective Martian psychologist we'll all look like some hypocritical wusses.

    "That by itself would transform the whole aspect of war and make it less cruel. As it is we have been playing at war - that's what's vile! We play at being magnanimous and all the rest of it. Such magnanimity and sensibility are like the magnanimity and sensibility of the lady who faints at the sight of a calf being killed: she is so tender-hearted that she can't look at blood - but fricassée of veal she will eat with gusto. They prate about the rules of warfare, of chivalry, of flags of truce and humanity to the wounded, and so on. All fiddle-sticks. I saw chivalry and flags of truce in 1805: they humbugged us and we humbugged them. They plunder people's homes, circulate false paper money, and worst of all they kill our children and our fathers, and they talk of the rules of warfare and generosity to a fallen foe. No quarter, I say, but kill and be killed! Anyone who has reached this conclusion through the same suffering as I have..." Warand Peace by Tolstoy (again! the guy writes quotably, even if he died a bitter root after an unsuccesful battle with craziness. mad as a hatter i tell ya.)  

  5. gwynciar said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  6. Anonymous said...

    Wow, when I thought that I was the intellectually insecure pretentious shmuck... by the by, what's with all the name dropping?  

  7. BubbleToes said...

    laaa...i fyl tiny compared to all those commentors up there..
    i just hope ur kitten gets wel soon.. :)
    sory, i duno how2 help though :/ :)  

  8. Ameer said...

    Aaaiyyy! Bodu bulhaleyy.  

  9. lavendergirl said...

    awwwww!! Cute cat..  

  10. shums said...

    awwww....the poor poor lil thing... :'(  


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