*insert scream*

no coconuts were hurt during the making of this photo.

thanks to my brother for once again acting as my hand model.


  1. .mini said...

    tut tut bulhaa  

  2. maail said...

    et tu, bulhaa? :D  

  3. shweeeeet! said...

    nice concept!
    mikahala kameh noonee nukuraathi :P
    and btw, tell ur brother that he is a very good hand model :P

  4. BubbleToes said...

    awww poor coconuty!
    hez scared to death!
    dun beat him!!;)  

  5. lavendergirl said...

    nice to hear that no coconuts were hurt!!:P
    Nice pic.. =)  

  6. cl0r said...

    great work on the mouth. it looks really natural, depth and all.

    //huggies from sweden  

  7. ShAhA said...

    refer to lavendergirl:P  

  8. Anonymous said...

    why r u like soo interested in photographyy????? :|


  9. Anonymous said...

    @ Anonymous#1 - why aren't you?  

  10. JaCk said...

    yes, I live in Venice :D  

  11. Anonymous said...

    nice arm..how old is ur bro?  

  12. bulhaa said...

    hes thirteen ^_^

    and thanks!  


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