Loabivaa Hassaanah

vedhun salaamah fahu kurahameve,


ps. the figure in the middle was originally drawn by hass, a very close friend of mine. this drawing is for him.


  1. The Shadowrunner said...

    Heh. Has someone been sampling the fine hallucinogens in my lab?. :D

    PS: I'm just naturally aggressive.  

  2. Ameer said...

    hasanah salaan.  

  3. shweeeeet! said...

    what IS that? :S  

  4. Bitter Sweet Symphonies said...


  5. BubbleToes said...

    the figure in the middle is kinda sajdasdjij..but gud drawin though..
    n abt the 'vedhun salaamah fahu kurahameve'..hilarious! :D!  


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