The Magic Tree in Male'

this is a story that took place in the kidney of Male'; A quaint little capital, if you had the heart for crowded streets, endless rows of buildings and congested air. and unlike many other stories that have been told about this place, i intend to tell you a tale that is both shocking and yet still undeniably true.

you see, in this quaint little capital, in a quaint little street, stood a quaint not so little tree.

this tree has stood there for many years, growing proudly and tall. and im quite suprised actually, that no one has stepped up to tell this tale afore me.

this tree was magical. for it bore the most unique fruit.
yes my friends, this tree was special indeed. for atop its branches lay clothes of various kinds.
dont believe me? i have a picture to prove it.

or better yet. go see it for yourselves. it is truly a marvelous sight to behold.
direct yourselves infront of Novelty Bookshop, Sosun Magu and merely... look. up.
thats all.
look. up.

and this is the story that i tell you.
the story quite unlike any of those told before.
the story of a magic tree, in the kidney of Male'.

ps. i have tried my level best to bring this story to you a great many times before but the blasted dhiraagu with its ridiculously blasted connection would not let me. >.<


  1. shweeeeet! said...

    oh i shud seeee o.o  

  2. .mini said...

    always or just, that day?  

  3. callι ριxєlғcuкєя said...

    bulhaa, im a friend of imma and ibrahims. and i was wondering if i could have ure mail add to talk to u about something important.  

  4. bulhaa said...

    always girlie. always.  

  5. radvix3n said...


  6. cl0r said...

    *huge hugs*
    loved it!  

  7. Orange Fronkey said...

    jimminey cricket!!!! crazy tree :P


    p.s you've been tagged  

  8. Velvette Storme said...

    DO WANT!! O.O  

  9. Anonymous said...

    i should walk around armed with a camera more often  

  10. Anonymous said...


  11. kaiza shozey said...

    i still see 'allah' written in arabic on it. :p  


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