creative thinking.

believe it or not, i got the idea for this sketch while a coupla friends and i were drinking monkey milkshake from IWOOT. the conversation we had went something along the lines of this.


  1. maail said...

    heheh..thaaats better ;)

    i still prefer man-sicles though...the word...not the thing :P  

  2. Dr Abdulla Niyaf said...

    This is one cartoon column that I eagerly wait for. Another great addition. Thanks.  

  3. gwynciar said...

    Really lass. Toilet humour?

    And you decry my critiques?
    Pardon my magniloquence.  

  4. shweeeeet! said...

    lol bodu kameh!!!
    i seriously laughed out LOUD after reading this :P

  5. Ameer said...

    Hmmmm... Mioh kameyy..  


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