1. subcorpus said...

    reggie (archie comics) comes to mind ...
    and a bit of johnny bravo ...  

  2. Ameer said...

    Ooooooh! Lost in the story....  

  3. shweeeeet! said...

    hehe bodu kameh

  4. Anonymous said...


  5. moyameehaa said...

    narcissist blobs!

    again watching ted too much eh?
    now i call it (loving), getting high.for example: i was talking to her,but her bf was on the she was soo high.

    and getting attached is called madness.shez been high with that guy for they are gettin in to a madness.

    the next stage could be called...a mental 'institution'.

    and whats this about bein in love with the idea.thats what happen in all get hungry want to eat something..and if what you prefer is there yeah that..but if not..anything.from what you have said i think you believe in 'true love' kasostee love...when he is sad your coffee mug will fall and break kinda connection. so 'true' and so 'pure'? when you tell some one that you love are:
    1.demanding/expecting the same from him
    2.wanting to have sex with him
    3.wanting to be 'deeply in love' with him..because you love being deeply in love.
    4.wanting to get your self attached to him...this may end up in a madness or a 'mental' institution.
    and some few other things...depending on what sort of a person you are.

    good to see woody and blobs again!  


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