Sixth Sense?

just hear me out okay?

the other night i had a dream.
in one particular scene, i see a bunch of men carrying the body of a dying giraffe. apparently it was washed up on the shore. and as we all stood gawking , it gives birth. and then died.

anyway i take the baby home with me, wash it, clean it and stuff. but this is the weirdest part. it was a baby monkey. the giraffe gave birth to a monkey. and it was the cutest little thing ever.

but thats not the weirdest part yet.

my dad left for Lanka the next day, and guess what my little sister wants him to bring back?

a toy monkey.

and guess what he brought her back yesterday??


*creeped out*


  1. bubbletoes said...


    dats freaky!  

  2. cl0r said...

    subliminal information is the shit...  

  3. Ameer said...

    So u now believe that dreams have some connection with reality.  

  4. shweeeeet! said...

    theekee rangalhu kameh noon..

  5. siyadh said...

    any golhabo dreams? Maldives Decides 2008?  

  6. bulhaa said...

    on the contrary, i think dreams are our subconscious mind at work. did u know that ur mind doesn't stop processing an event until about 5 hrs later?  

  7. moyameehaa said...

    kool.there are people who saw waves destroying male' just a week before the tsunami.i dont really believe in these stuff. but who knows.and other similar things happen.

    this time its too good!but it happened the other way round dho. it must be a monkey giving birth to a giraffe.i think you should review and improve your esp dreamin powers.the dreamer girl! yawn yawn and to sleep!

    btw...check this out:  

  8. Orange Fronkey said...

    LOL!!! poor you.. a lil too wigged out arent you? crazy thing happen like that.

    last week i had a dream that i gave birth to an absolutely adorable baby with mop of black hair, caucasian white with pink cheeks.. i've never seen such a beautiful baby in my life.. i told my friend this and she looked at me like "merino come on now, a white baby?". then the next day my other friend messages me and tells me she held a baby... she took me to go see the baby boy.. so tiny, white and pink all over and those cheeks... cutest baby i've ever seen.. only thing was he didn't have any hair :P.  

  9. Orange Fronkey said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  10. Reilly Klevre said...

    Think about something long enough and you'll start believing it...

    A birthday present? pfft, girl, life's too big to pause here and there to think about all those small lil things.

    PS: i prefer not to have my comment replied to.  

  11. Anonymous said...

    that is an interesting event. i believe its possible that the subconscious mind could pick up a pattern before its weaven into the wheel of time/reality(if you would like to call it that).
    the mind is a powerful tool. the body is just a vessel to carry it. i believe that incident could possibly be your subconscious mind trying to directly communicate with you. and it will always speak in abstracts, you will have to try and decode the message.  

  12. .mini said...

    hehe bulhaa ah fenna echis e hunnany!
    don't get creeped out though :P

    hurihaa kamehves vaany rangalhakah! :P  

  13. Maldiveshealth said...

    After all Freud was right.  


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