happily ever after.
you dont really believe it do you?

its just something fairy tales fabricated for marketing purposes.

because for one thing. humans love to believe in happily ever after. they love to live in the delusion that its real. then they have something to live for.

but the sad truth is. there is no happily ever after. nope. theres is just happy-for-a-moment-before-ur-entire-world-comes-crashing-down.
and its what you do when that happens that shape your life, or who u are.

you can either decide to give in to all the chaos in your mind. or you can choose to fight it.

have you ever wondered why you suddenly get depressed for no reason?
well dont look at me, i dont know why either.

all i know is that you can fight it. you can strive to resurface back into your happy air bubble.
but you can also give in and sink blissfully into the dark endless abyss. and it will feel oh, so good in a perfectly painful way.

thats something else humans shud do. invent a word for pleasurable pain. you have the phrase bittersweet memories for memories that are both good and sad. but wheres the phrase for pleasurable pain?
oh its real allright.
pleasurable pain.
its real when the cutter slices through his skin drawing perfect red crystals to form on his hand.
its real when the mother gives the final push for a baby to be born. stillborn. or not. im deviating.
its real when you feel the exhaliration when you push your body to the very limits. youre flying.
its real when you give in to the depression that you have been fighting for too long.

back to happily ever after.
it doesnt exist.
get over it

end of rant

im going to watch the sea


  1. lilac wraith said...

    "have you ever wondered why you suddenly get depressed for no reason?" <- one of life's many mysteries.

    Happily ever after is sorta like socialism. all well and good on paper, but not very practical...

    hope the depression passes ^_^  

  2. radvix3n said...

    pleasurable pain! 0.o
    seems familiar...  

  3. maail said...

    @radvixen: 0_o ..

    @bulheez: why don't we just call it "pleasurain" :P

    and i didn't know crystals were formed when we cut them hands..hehe  

  4. shweeeeet! said...

    and bulhaa lived happily ever after :P  

  5. Azmyst said...

    I guess 'and they lived miserably ever after' just doesn't quite have the same ring as 'and they lived happily ever after.'

    As a counter to the sudden depressions, there are times when I suddenly feel happy and at peace for no reason that is immediately apparent to me.

    And just like happiness, depression doesn't last forever either. Ups and downs...  

  6. Control Freak said...

    so u found out who i'm..ah well  

  7. BubbleToes said...


    tru tru.

    now lets all liv happily evr aftr.  

  8. Anonymous said...

    happily ever after is bliss.
    if there is such a thing as bliss, there is happily ever after.

    if there is not, invent it!  


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