Why, oh Why?

in my opinion one of the most pointless games ever played.

i mean, you have perfectly grown, otherwise sane, men, fighting over a little ball. what with them pushing and shoving and getting hot and sweaty and clambering over each other, its all rather frighteningly homosexual.

anyway, the other day i was having tea at an aunt's house.
the t.v. was tuned to a football match.

and i found myself noticing the most peculiar thing.

nearly all of the football players were oh, so fine. we are talking mega babes here. tall, perfectly formed, with ahhhhh......


so my question is.
why is it that these fine fine young men, play such a homosexual pointless game?

ps. football fans, no offence.


  1. Anonymous said...

    what's the point of any game?

    "athletic males are a good for bearing children with."
    That was before computers.
    Now a good wordpress blog would do better.

    -moosa maniku  

  2. Anonymous said...

    its a modification of the rumbles little boys and male cubs etc. have which prepare them for future combate against competitors for food/mates/territory. its also a compensation for the wars and hunting games of our past, not to mention a healthy channel for all that natural male aggression. think of why girls like pekinese dogs or chihuahuas or teddies etc.. a manifestation of frustrated maternal instincts? :P

    but all of this is just evolutionary psych and some are of the opinion that its just mental masturbation. so, thinking of more immediate reasons one comes up with the shallow goals, i.e cash, fame, glamour, babes, fans. etc.

    as for the homosexual part, i am sure most of the straght guys would disagree on that. its just the strong bonding of teamwork thats mistaken as such by imaginative women and gay men. not that most of them complain.

    ronaldo is hot? bucktoothed baldie with a perpetual blank expression oozing with stupidity and denseness. but i guess most of them do have a certain appeal, probably coz being a soccer player of a big team pushes you into celebrity status and you gotta take care of your looks if you're to keep up with the standards, the trendsetter being David the Metrosexual. the exercise helps too and the age.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    one more thing i forgot, its fun. :D

    and being an ardent animal lover, what do you think of this?


  4. bulhaa said...

    moosa manik: lol.

    anon: its all very well if we were living in the stone ages , but this is a new age where technology has made it so that ppl can enjoy this game without actually having to play it.

    brawn is quickly become replaced by brains. even though our natural instincts teer towards the man with the six packs, we all KNOW that its the geek in the glasses who will be able to most provide women with the security they need.

    ps. i loved that cartoon clip! lol. esp the part about the vultures. hah! reminded me of certain people in society.  

  5. Ameer said...

    saabahey bulhaa haadha varakah J vee.  

  6. shweeeeet! said...

    exactly my point!  

  7. shums said...

    Wonderful post!!!
    I really don't understand WHY most men (and some women) go crazy over watching (or playing) something so pointless...its just a whole bunch of people kicking a ball for heaven's sake!!  

  8. If said...

    A good one! exactly my thoughts... i agree with everything u said... not that there is anything wrong with homosexuality...

    i never get the point either. i mean its ok if a man is playing it everyday.. cos its good to be with a man who has a strong 6 pack. Its the mean football watchers who roar when i block their tv for a millisecond when i cross the room that i am confused about...

    good point moosa m! although im not sure if the visibility of a 6pack will be easy then.  

  9. I-kko said...

    sorry but i agree with u here..
    i dont think its a homosexual game !! seriously why is the point of the game when there is no ball?
    and btw are u talking abt football or soccer here?
    i am talking abt soccer!! i mean its no homosexual! nill nada.. even girls play it.. and i find it good..!
    but footbal.. yeah its kinda homo and i dont like all those huggin goin on..kinda bores me..!  

  10. Coffeeholic said...

    It's only something's-stuck-up-their-free-arses Americans (cf. "Freedom fries!") who call it "soccer" and reserve "football" for their post-industrial depiction of struggle and survival played in a season of hypothermic death among their drugged up spawn paid in oodles to break noses and kiss babies. But to avoid further confusion, let me resort to hypocrisy.

    Football's not homosexual--although I'm not a fan, I'd think that it was an elegant game. You play by yourself, well-distanced, like a member of a quiet war. If there was a homosexual game, I'd think it was something like rugby, or better yet, American Football. They actually beef themselves up for the game. They huddle in positions that is reminscient of anilingus [sic?], and of course, there's the pile-up. I think that donkey shows have less sexual innuendo.  

  11. BubbleToes said...

    i dun think its homosexual..its just dat som ppl (esp.guys) get a wee bit overboard wit excitemnt at tyms! i think som fans r homo-sexualER than the players!  

  12. .mini said...

    i don't think its homosexual
    but i think its really pointless
    maybe guys don't get enough excitement from their real lives :P  

  13. shan said...

    finallyyyy!!! someone who agrees with me! :D totaly agree with u on the pointless part...  


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