295, originally uploaded by bulhaa.


  1. shweeeeet! said...

    i rele like this pic!
    too bad i forgot my flickr user name and pass and now i cant comment!
    but i do chek all ur pics each time u update! (A)
    btw, saw the pic with the description "im liking colours"
    way to go girl ;)
    colours eiy gadha ehchekey ingey! =D

    PS: im going to the ELA weekend ingey! rangalhu dho :P  

  2. I-kko said...

    naaice... =D  

  3. aesha said...

    i love this pic! favd  

  4. XefroX said...

    mi othee magic eh hadhaafa..hehe...kewl ingey meow meow...ey adhi vaane dho bulhalehge lolah spray kohlann,hehe  

  5. .mini said...

    you guys should see the view on black! its amazing! one of the best photos taken by bulhaa i must say :D  

  6. gwynciar said...

    Essahareggai, there was a can of spray paint. Being an inanimate object, it had no thoughts as opposed to the many things that had been written about it in grade three English classes. It sat in the sunshine for many days, its contents evaporating and caking its insides by the heat. But one day, shaking up what little remained, someone sprayed it on a wall. Epic hilarity ensued.  

  7. kaiza shozey said...

    hmmmmm.....i like this alot. its really different from the usual type of pics u take. different in a really good way. varah salhi.  


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