also known as " The day i nearly had a Mrf 1000 heart attack"

the day (today) began as any other day would. Sun rising from the east, Fureyni and Bird screeching at the top of their voices etc etc. i was woken up rather rudely to Hanan's excited whispering.

See last night i had purchased a hamster. for one thousand ruffiya. now people might think of it as a bit much and perhaps it is, but i have never had a pet of my own that i could cuddle or openly interact with. Fureyni was my brother's, Bird( a lovebird) was too wild, and the fishes dont count.
So after much persuading dad, i now own a hamster. Ollie.

anyway, mom managed to convince hanan to go away and let me sleep. but not for long. a short while later i was woken up again. i looked up to see Hanan on a stool peering into the hamster cage. can't say i blame her. he was the cutest thing.

So since i was supposed to take him out around twice a day any way, i let Ollie out.

before i go any further, let me give you an idea of what my rather clustered room looks like.
So anyway, i get up and prop various items into the top corners so that Ollie wouldnt squeeze through them. and i prop the "kanneyo" (long pillows) behind me making a tight little square.

and then, i let Ollie out.

it was delightful! he ran around sniffing into our hands and everywhere. and every five minutes or so, he would stop and clean himself. it was precious watching him lick his tiny little paws and then run them through his fur!

it was all going very well. incredibly well. until....

until he slipped from my hands.

He squeezed between the guitar and stuffed cat and went thru the crack and behind the big cupboard! dear god in heaven, i was scared shitless.
i screamed for mom and yanked a plank between the two cupboards so that it wont run thru the crack.
mom came up and tut-tutted while i walked to and fro wringing my hands. and then, we came up with THE PLAN.


  • remove the smaller cupboard
  • broom out Ollie from the crack
it was a simple enough plan. but it lacked manpower. see my dad is in Sri Lanka. so i called up Hassan and Zain, and both assured me that they were on their way.

and then, just as i finished the call, entered the Hero of the story.
my little brother.

i told him what happened and after much laughing in my face he agreed to help. and god bless the boy, he moved up the cupboard enough so that i could squeeze thru. but alas. no sign of Ollie. i was close to tears then. [not really, but then whats a good story without the girl being close to tears? ] he told me in not so many words to get my useless butt out of the way and let him handle it.

so there he was crouching next to the crack behind the big cupboard with a broom in his hand, and there was me nearly having a heart attack. MY DAD WAS GOING TO KILL ME!

Hass and Zain came in then, along with two cousins of Hass's.

and as we stood there contemplating how to get Ollie out, and telling me how outrageously expensive Ollie was [ Hanan wasnt helping either, she kept saying that Ollie was going to die, the little brat] my brother stood up with a wicked grin on his face.

Ollie was saved!

Lord alone knows though, what traumas he went thru behind that cupboard and how many dust balls he swallowed. *shudder* Ollie i mean. not my brother.

hes safely back in his cage now. you should see him. i would show you, but sadly my laptop has gotten kapootze again and and i have to install the canon software into my dads laptop if i want to upload any pictures, and quite frankly i cant be bothered to.

so pray my laptop snaps out of its coma soon eh?

ps. all you wise guys wanting to make cracks about how Bulhaa is having a rodent, you can shove that thought up ur asses.

pps. also in all the excitement Bird was lost. See my brother was previously letting out the birds and somehow Bird escaped. *sigh* Well he made up for it with Ollie i guess. Fly safe, Bird!


  1. Anonymous said...

    yay for Bird!  

  2. Anonymous said...

    its a message. a call for freedom. the Hamster Revolution of 2008. the church mice squeaking to be rid of the oppressive cat (tee hee. sorry, i deleted fat and put in oppressive instead). i can hear him squealing 'i have a dream that one day..' and everyone singing 'there are no cats in villingili and the streets are paved with cheese' now you know why the caged hamster flees. seriously though, i like the names of your pets. very cute. but the caging! sigh... :(  

  3. maail said...

    nice drawing :P

    and Hanan gey laanaiy kan dho [ollie maruvaaney buneema] lol

    and your brother got a lovebird and it flew awayyy?? my condolences..a bird for a hamster eh..cruel world..

    and i kinda feel sorry for ollie..he's not going to get out of that cage anytime soon eh after his big adventure :)  

  4. nomad9491 said...

    awww.. im a guy n i think that hamsters are just cute !! take good care of ollie !!!  

  5. Anonymous said...  

  6. shweeeeet! said...

    awww i wanna see ollie!
    and and and fureni is gone? o.o
    fodi died and now fureyni has left??
    hugs to ollie =D  

  7. I-kko said...

    i wanna see that.. but i wud never buy animals hehe.. thats jst not me..  

  8. Radvixen said...

    *phew* what an adventurous adventure :S duh :S uh u get my point :|

    i wana see Ollie!!!!! hope to see some pictures up soon! :D

    and sorry about Bird.  

  9. AzMyst said...

    So have you built a rig that can use Ollie to power up your house yet? Besides being cute he can cut down your power bills too. Sweet.  

  10. bulhaa said...

    azmyst: u mean boy! slaps you around with a dead fish*

    radvixy: lol. yea. i get what u mean.

    i-kko: as soon as my lap gets fixed!

    shweet: *hugs back from ollie*
    and fodi was stolen! not dead. fureyni is still in the cage. its just a lovebird i recently got, Bird, that flew away yesteday

    anon: poor Vietnamese.

    nomad: ill try my best!

    maail: i got the lovebird, and yes its sad. and i did let ollie out after that too. hehe. but i didnt let him run about on the floor. gonna make a big fence before i let him run on the floor again. hes just gonna have to use his wheel until then.

    anon: err....

    anon: yay!  

  11. MeanPerson said... says
    "The life span of hamster is two to three years. Your hamster is the equivalent of an 80 year old human. Most of the problems you are noticing are age related changes. As hamsters age they sleep more and more, and become weaker and slower. Keep feeding him the same as always, and avoid stress, heat and running out of water. Don't force feed or syringe feed, for this may make him choke or have problems. Definately do not feed strange foods such as sour milk, for it may induce diarrhea. Keep his cage clean with fresh water and food always available. He will likely pass away in his sleep without pain or discomfort."

    Really? Was it worth it?  

  12. WisePerson said...

    Now cats, on the other hand "A well cared for cat that is kept indoors and is fed a good nutritional diet, would be expected to live for about 15 years.

    Some cats do live to 20 plus years and there are records of a few cats reaching over 30 years."  

  13. kaiza shozey said...

    We should hold a betting competition to see on which week we'll have to say goodbye to ollie at the rate this is going. dont worry, i believe some bets have already been made :p

    but on a different note i think the whole hamster idea is nice. and dont be going all "just nice? is that it?" on me. :p (i DID comment dho. *whistle whistle*)  

  14. JoJosho said...
  15. bulhaa said...

    mean person: i am well aware of the life span of a hamster. it is going to die. just like you. the least i can do is make sure that it dies comfortable enough

    wise person: im not allowed to have cats

    kaiza: bets eh? shudnt i be getting half since ur betting on me?  

  16. Waylander said...

    Yayy!!! Cheers for ur bro and hamster! :D  


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