bleep. bleep. bleep.

draft three.



my name is aminath sharyhan ibrahim and im scared of writing a blog post?

no no.. that just sounds weird.

but its true.

i am.

of writing down my thoughts. makes me feel exposed.

there are those of you who read my blog knowing who i am.

and then there are those who read my blog without knowing.

and in a sad pathetic way, i love the ones who dont know me more.

not love love.

comfortable with them more.

the people i know, quite frankly, freak me out.
i find it very hard to express my feelings.

feelings are meant to be felt not analysed!

so therefore, i cant talk about them. and certainly not here.


sat down here to browse a bit. my laptops still in a land where it receives no power. [power cable govaafa] . and i find clicking on the new post link. to write. to blog.

except i dont know what to blog about.

apart from my feelings. my thoughts. what im thinking. what im upto. how i've been.

and as i sit here ..
i wonder.

who gives a fuck really?

how many of you can honestly say that you give a flying fuck as to what im doing or how im feeling? wouldnt u rather i updated woody and blobs? or told you yet again another outrageous finding? or made up a theory that doesnt make sense and offends half the people?

would'nt you?


  1. maail said...

    u got maail..i've always wanted to say that..and now i did...anyways u know what i mean :D  

  2. Ameer said...

    OK! OK! Now, don't tell me that u found a new workaround to writing down your own thoughts. ;)  

  3. moyameehaa said...

    i kinda like reading ur adventures, its just like woody and blobs.and i often see you in cartoon form( i usually picture things i read in my mind) its kinda kool with me.

    as for you concern about people you know..i also have the same damn concern.infact that is one reason i dont blog as often as i have done when is started, or atleast i want.anonymous blogging is best therefore.

    you can solve this by creating an anonymous blog..but i fear having a split personality problem after that..and i want all my stuff in one place. :S no solution for this. so i have a personal blog which only myself can view....that one will have many (not all) of what i would have blogged if i was blogging anonymously.  

  4. Anonymous said...

    password-protected posts? dunno if blogger has that feature but wordpress has it for sure. i always your name was spelled with double 'e's.

    arent you scared that some geeky weird e-stalker might stumble upon your blog and start obsessing over you? he might then track you down and start stealing bulhaa memorablia for his creepy shrine under his bed. who knows what kinda lonely psychos are out there in cyberspace?

    by the way, i love how your hair smells Clarice. heh just trying to creep you out. Luv your blog. Keep posting. And yes we'd (or I'd) like more of those superficial posts than any emo ones. Insecurity and depression bores an audience. But screw the audience if you're truly gonna express yourself.  

  5. Aminath Sharyhan Ibrahim said...

    My name is Sminath Sharyhan Ibrahim and I am an addict.  

  6. Ehaonowa said...

    Well, maybe some of us read each others' blogs because we want to seem nice to each other, lest we become overwhelmed and overcome by persistent whining.

    I personally would like you to stick to the Woody and Blobs updates, the outrageous findings--'cuz I really do agree, writing about your feelings, your annoyances, your inner hopes and desires (not just yours, anyone's--refer to my first deleted blog, written when I was your age [hehe]) is something to be kept either to oneself or to the safety of close company.

    I do break that rule somewhat, and you should too. But not the point of sharing your nervous breakdowns with the world.

    Respectfully, cheers.  

  7. AzMyst said...

    Sharyhan? Hmmm that's kinda unique. Never heard that name before. Oh and I did send you an email to after you mentioned you had stumbled onto my blog. You never responded.

    Anyway, it's always nice to hear what other people are thinking... that's where blogs come in handy.  

  8. shweeeeet! said...

    sminath sharyhan? the comment i mean..

    oh well, who the hell are you? sharyhan? bulhaa suits you more. =D

    so u love me eh? =D


  9. Ehaonowa said...

    Wow, AzMyst has a crush on someone :).

    Let's hope his wife doesn't find out...  

  10. ekse said...

    Bulhaa... aka Sharyhan... are you going through a transitional phase? I really doubt ur having issues writing down your thoughts, or your inner most feelings, cos you simply never did, nor bothered to mention them before.. why now? Somethings really wrong with you.. aint it?  

  11. mode said...

    like u said it sucks!!!  

  12. Someone said...

    Honestly speaking, when you spit out your thoughts [either good or bad] won't you feel good? really? Perhaps you should try.. like you've said 'who gives a fuck'.. the 'who' covers ppl u know and u don't.. just do what you think is right.. urrmmmm i think i'll be sneaking in here more frequent.. :P Good luck!!  

  13. shabaa said...

    looks more to me like ehanowa is the one having that crush.azmyst just sent a mail and ur going all crushy crushy followed by hinting bulhaa that he has a wife as a just incase. and dont be telling that u were saying it all just out of concern :p  


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