i've been neglecting woody and blobs of late. [drew the above in facebook, grafitti application, thus the handwriting]

truth is, i've been trying to focus more on studying and school. so haven't got much time for humor lately. i've got this one strip floating around in my head though, so will try to draw that soon.

and erm, i wont be blogging as frequently as before. damned exams.
wish me luck!


  1. Ameer said...

    wish u all the best in exams.  

  2. shweeeeet! said...

    i understand!
    exams! arrrgh! >.<
    goood luck!
    btw, how was ur result? xD  

  3. .mini said...

    good that you are actually concentrating on your studies :P
    i'm sure you'll do well

    best of wishes :D  

  4. mode said...

    g'luck on bulheez exams...would miss u though.  

  5. Radvixen said...

    good luck and hope to see more of ur posts and woody n blobs after ur exams :)  

  6. Spark of Silence said...

    Good luck with your exams. And I think i like the hand drawn version of woody n blobs more :S  

  7. Anonymous said...

    See here or here  

  8. bulhaa said...

    Thank you guys. *hugs*  

  9. nass said...

    good luck.

    nice one :p  


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