testing the limits of my patience.
this was by far the most frustrating drawing i have made, even though its not very good.
i consider it a milestone.
thanks to fazeela for stopping me from destroying it a countless times.


  1. Anonymous said...

    is this your cosmology? that house looks like a vomitting clown with dead eyes. is it supposed to say that life on earth is like a comical tragedy (?? :S) ad nauseum? love those eyes though. in the sunlight they are closed (signifies ignorance?) while in the dark void of space they open (enlightenment?) are teh bubbles of wisdom emanating from the tree of knowledge? and is man wanting to be mortal and livin in the heavens like teh gods, reaching for it, after the whisperings by the serpent? (the coiled thingie) i dunno why but i like the moon with the ring too. and most of all those dots u used to portray the darkness and shadow. and the whole sun and earth like a fragile bubble floating on cosmic waters, thats like those primeval eggs dho? those lines tell me that most of earth is cultivated while that little equator of bushes is the only greenbelt we have.. overall its like the story of man is in this fragile insignifcant bubble in the waters of the universe, and we're so unimportant yet have delusions of grandeur... well u just wasted 5 mins on crap. all i wanted to say was this looks like a LOTTA WORK! and hence its lovely. very pretty drawing. it reminded me of this pic at first coz of teh general layout i guess..  

  2. bulhaa said...

    hehe. i like you anonymous!
    and thanks for that link. it DOES look a lot like it eh?  

  3. maail said...

    this for me is your best work...kinda has a strange allure to it!

    and did u think about all those things anonymous interpreted from the drawing while you were drawing :)  

  4. shweeeeet! said...

    and that's wat i envy! =\  

  5. Iya said...

    how very dragonfly of you, bulhaa...  

  6. .mini said...

    all hail fazeela!
    shes a good person, :P
    and i agree with dhombs!  

  7. aesha said...

    reminds me of Maa!

    bulhaa this is awesome! realy cool! i love it!!! bring more of it  

  8. bulhaa said...

    maail, i did think about SOME of it. not all.

    and iya, yes it IS very maa of me. for me,i think her type of art requires a lot of patience. and me trying to achieve patience led me to try and achieve what maa does. very childish of me. but hey, *shrug*

    aesha, mini and munshi .. *hugs*
    thanks guys :D  

  9. Radvixen said...

    "even though its not very good"
    it's GREAT! hullooo! -_- it looks awesome girl....and looks like a lot of hard work and PATIENCE :P
    i the loves it!  

  10. Anonymous said...

    Heeey! Are u dragonfly???:S  

  11. lavendergirl said...

    wowwwwww!! I love this...!!
    Just superb!! =)  

  12. BubbleToes said...

    kyp it comin..!


  13. bulhaa said...

    anon: im not dragonfly , thats maa.

    hugs to bubbletoes radvixy and lavender girl. thanks!  

  14. thesinningslave said...

    This 'doodle' flashes back to when love and LSD were free, the hippie era :P
    Girl, this artwork is really well executed even without being under the influence..
    Well done!  

  15. kaiza shozey said...

    i think this is ur best work so far. i really like long as i dont have to zoom in on it. varah salhi. and u having patience(even if with alot of help from fazeela), thats really something. hehe. but it doesnt remind me of maa though. seriously...its goooooood  

  16. lyna said...

    wow dat is SO good. i absolutely love it :D  


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