If you comment on this post
1. I’ll respond with something random about you.
2. I’ll challenge you to try something.
3. I’ll pick a color that I associate with you.
4. I’ll tell you something I like about you.
5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I’ll ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours.

ps. so skool sucks? i put away my laptop oh so prepared [hithun] to completely and fully prepare for exams, and it keeps throwing stuff for me to do >.<
im gonna be so glad when laurel night is over. [thats the annual prize giving day for extra curricular activities]


  1. nass said...

    interesting... :)  

  2. mode said...

    eer u sure u could do thos things u mentiond. I highly doubt it. *smirk*  

  3. bulhaa said...

    1. ive never seen ur blog. only saw the deleted version
    2. i challenge you to mail me a blog post about poop
    3. red
    4. ur name? :D
    5. [ cant. never met you]
    6. tiger
    7. why did u quit blogging?

    1. u have an ugly smirk
    2. i challenge you to eat ice cream while hanging upside down from your bed
    3. blue
    4. ur comments :D
    5. [again. never met you]
    6. rabbit
    7. why do u doubt it again?  

  4. .mini said...

    okay okay! comment on me!!

  5. Spark of Silence said...

    Oh someone is tired of studyin :P I think I saw you few nights back near the ATM  

  6. blinkgurl said...


    this really is interestin :P  

  7. Waylander said...


  8. cl0r said...

    when the time comes, i really have a good challenge for you. ^_^

    peace out girl  

  9. Ameer said...

    okay, my turn!  

  10. maail said...

    refer to what nass said :P  

  11. shweeeeet! said...

    this is interesting.. o.O
    haaaaai bulhaaa! :D  

  12. Anonymous said...

    See Please Here  

  13. XefroX said...

    1. meow
    2. spray on cat
    3. purple
    4. drawing
    5. i think that CHSE toilet..yuuukkkk
    6. bulhaa
    7. why bulhaa?

    boooo....hehehehehhe....alifaan kevey...hehehe...majaa ingey..hama bulhaa ah ekani noon comment kureveynee..hee..nice idea.meow meow  

  14. kaiza shozey said...

    guess the cat ran away. heheh. you say u NEED to start studying and got urswelf in a situation where you have to answer all those Qs to every single one that comments on ur blog. heheh :p  

  15. bulhaa said...

    oh joy.

    1. ur very quiet
    2. i challenge you to write a poem about me
    3. pale pale violet.
    4. ur sweet
    5. half hiding behind munshi. :D
    6. bunny wabbit
    7. how come ur so quiet in person?

    1.ur hair[ with the wild curls] is totally awesome!
    2. i challenge you to get up on the sea wall and hop
    3. ur pink..weirdly... pale pink mind u
    4. ur very very nice. u fed me pickfine even thoh u didnt like it
    5. u buying me pickfine!
    6. a deer
    7. how tall are you?

    1.ur blog reminds me of shweet's blog
    2. i challenge you to walk around blindfolded for twenty minutes.
    3. green
    4. errr... i dont know u well enuf to say this. so far nothing to not like!
    5. never metcha!
    6. fish. goldfish
    7. why is the world round? O.O

    1. u have a sexy voice ;D
    2. i challenge u to feed me a chicken burger from food garden
    3. grey
    4. ur sexy voice ;D
    5. ill tell u my first thot ' ur taaaal!'
    7. so err... wanna feed me?

    1. u have nice accent
    2. i challenge u to lick ur armpit
    3. white
    4. ur interesting to talk to
    5. neva metcha!
    6. bear
    7. why?

    1. ur an interesting commenter! seriously.
    2. i challenge you to dance around naked in ur room
    3. brown
    4. i dont not like anything yet.
    5. neva metcha!
    6. erm..hmm.... a lil guppy.
    7. errr ahhhmmm.. why did the chicken cross the road?

    maail:[i already did this once for you]
    1. ur an incredibly awesome friend
    2. i challenge you to write me a LONG LONG mail!
    3. blue. baby :D
    4. ur sweet smile
    5. u waltzing in with that smile lol!
    6. bunnny !!!
    7. will you marry me? haha! kidding. neynge. ahan beynun ehchihi ahaifin.


    1. u taught me fodi fureyni
    2. i challenge you to...write a short story about me! *cough*
    3. hot pink!
    4. ur very nice... and u actually volunteer to do stuf which is rare..
    5. u telling me that im a cool tenthgrader coz i didnt treat u guys like u were kids :D *fonivefa*
    6. a lil owl!
    7. why shweeeet? how did that name come to existance?

    bugger off.

    1. ur cute!
    2. i challenge you to NOT TO SPRAY A CAT!
    3. navy blue
    4. ur very nice. aslu. all u furaavaru ppl are.
    5. infront of dejavu!
    6. mouse :D
    7. when is the program being aired!?!?

    1. u always wear cargo pants
    2. i challenge you to name ur hamster dory!!
    3. blue.
    4. ur nice
    5. standing infront of my doorstep in a white shirt and me nearly faling of my balcony trying to see you. and me thinking u resembled a black man. and u did!
    6. parrot.
    7. why?


  16. bulhaa said...

    oh ps. sorry i havent commenting in ur blogs lately. i do read em. ekamu comment kuran massaikathah. :D  

  17. kaiza shozey said...

    sorry its gonna be lily :p though someone else is trying to convince me to change to daisy and my clearest memory of you would be the FOURTH time i saw u :p hmmmm, the third time was a clear memory too but lets not talk abt that time :p  

  18. I-kko said...

    heyy gr8 one! i wud definitely post this in my blog!! hehe

    and u can comment then ;) and il comment abt u =P  

  19. bulhaa said...

    1. ur hot!
    2. i challenge you to wear your underwear inside out for a day. yes even ur bra.
    3. red
    4. some of the theories u come up with on ur blog.
    5. err... neynge... sci fair gr 9?
    6. chipmunk!
    7. why is my head aching?  

  20. bulhaa said...

    oh and this thread is officially closed. no more comments will be replied to. sorry.
    wat? u try doing this while making some three hundred certificates *glowers*  

  21. man from the grave said...

    Who exactly are you trying to lure?  

  22. maa nasih said...

    oh dayem I'm too late

  23. .mini said...

    me quiet dho, totally depends on my mood
    i have to know the people around me in order to laugh and do all sorts of crazy stuff
    maybe someday, you will see the real me :P
    and the poem! im on it!!! :D  

  24. Orange Fronkey said...

    Weird.. *raises eyebrow*

    Hey chickey, how's it going? Hang in there eh!!!  

  25. kaiza shozey said...

    u know. its a bit disappointing seeing that most of the answers are stuff you wrote just for the sake of it :p  

  26. maail said...

    so am i supposed to answer the question? ;)

    by the way we did it b4? 0_o

    and whats with ""?

    the white snail and the blue eyed baby? hehe  

  27. shweeeeet! said...

    story.. *faint*
    munshi ge story kiyaifiyyaa bulhaa anburaiganefaane ennu :P
    hot pink! fair enuf :P
    and mini quiet? *gasp*
    u shud see her going cwazy! =\  

  28. dharmabuddhi said...

    poh! i knew it. i knew u couldnt keep ur laptop away like that! and believe me one of those times u think of many things to do and many great ideas come to exam time. i used to make a list of things i would do when i am 'free'. but do nothing at all or just 1 percent of it only.  

  29. Fureeeeeku! said...

    kurin faharu me post feunyma i didnt see the 'comments' button. mirey e fenuny, eynee etha mathyga. O_O  

  30. moyameehaa said...

    dharmabuddhi is true, even i find the exam time extraordinarily creative and full of ideas (and like he said in the end fail to do all the stuff i thought about).and true about you being online again...and even blogging. accept it or not, now ur addicted to internet and blogging.  

  31. R.M said...

    Very cool.. very cool

    Now lets hear it bulhaa ... :P  

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