A conversation in Bandey's Opposite world where Dhivehi words would replace English


"Hey, hakuru...how was ur day?"

"It was a regular pain in the ass. I missed you a lot sindhithaa"

"I missed you too, loabi..."

"How are the wedding plans coming along?"

"Ugh. Mom's being horrid. Maamuihandhuge plans are utterly ruined!"


"They want us to go to Lanka, but u know my heart has been set on Paris"

"I know, lha kujjaa...dont you worry. ill make sure my hafaa-kins gets exactly what she wants"

"Oh, I do love you so behdhey saaridoalhu"

"I love you too my foni kokaa"

Hafaa-kins - munchkins
behdhey saaridhoalhu- snuggly bear

can you imagine having a romantic conversation [preferably one better than the one i have come up with] with these word replacements???


People complain constantly about how our language is being replaced by English. And how youngsters these days tends to combine both.

I say be grateful for small mercies.

Note: I had some time to kill after finishing my exam XD .
inspired by Nahula


  1. Anonymous said...

    munchkins: the dwarf men from the wizard of oz movie, how that term ever evolved into a term of endearment i'll never know. just like how badi edhuru's title got affixed to slutty women or stocking and man-of-war became istaakynu and manavaru. i am not at all bothered by english influencing dhivehi, after all no one complained when arabic/urdu/hindi words were borrowed into our language. i feel its a good thing. we have a lot to take from a rich language like modern english. i guess this'll get a few conservative and dhivehiphile feathers ruffled. meh.  

  2. shan said...

    uhh... O_o uknw...i never thought about it from that side...sounds so freaky..and uknw..uhh errr..yea! freaky! O_o  

  3. Fureeeeeku! said...

    umm...you call that a rom convo? :s

    well, i can imagine romantic conversations...but luckily or unluckily, not conversations like that...*shudder*  

  4. .mini said...


    [ after 10 years ]


  5. Ameer said...

    that's in a way, well okay. but your perspective is different than mine. I do believe that it is the same for every language. If you try translating some things from dhivhi to english, you could still get some funny phrases.  

  6. Velvette Storme said...

    If someone called me munchkins I'd probably kick them in the nuts  

  7. callι ριxєlғcuкєя said...

    agreed with ruba  

  8. Control Freak said...

    behdhey saaridoalhu..good god..
    thanx a lot abt ur comment on my last post btw. ur blog is one of the most interestin ones for me too  

  9. Control Freak said...

    oh n i like the way u try to use perfect english while commentin on my blog..u musta realized im a freak in tat way  

  10. Arkturus said...

    erk... freaky. -_-

    english words in dhivehi sounds reasonably sane [sometimes] but the reverse is utterly retarded. :|

    nice post. made me grimace yet smile and go 'WTF' several times. my response to a good joke. [=P]  

  11. Anonymous said...

    this blog is gettin vaii ..  

  12. shweeeeet! said...

    and i call myself munchkins =\
    but i pronounce it like meemu ubufili..sooo.. ;)
    well whos the hakuru there? and foni kokaa? o.O

    holhiburi vehje =\  

  13. Anonymous said...

    See Please Here  

  14. marla said...

    I literally snorted into my water glass at the point of my "behdhey saaridhoalhu" eheheh

    and tell nahula tht I said that I cant imagine anyone mouthing such amorous platitudes to anyone tht i knw other than her ehehe...

    n that no doubt she'll be replying with much the same fervour..

    shud vex her lol..  

  15. bandey said...

    gaah!! my opposite world is a horrible place!!!  


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