sleeping on my lap..

the only source of comfort these days.



  1. shweeeeet! said...

    exams - meyraa dhushman!! =\  

  2. paperclippenny said...

    eeeeeeeeeek!!!! CUTEZ!!!!  

  3. shaari said...

    adorable little thing  

  4. iekko said...

    is it only me or does it really look like a cow in this pic ?  

  5. mode said...

    ya it sure looks like COW...i-kko we two are in same boat!!  

  6. radvix3n said...


    good luck sheri =]  

  7. The Shadowrunner said...


    Love them. Especially the stray ones. :D  

  8. shan said...

    uhh..i know this is gona sound mean..but i just realized..these lil guys dont look any different when they're sleeping from when they're dead..lol..

    PS - Ollie is cute (attempt to save my butt from bulhaa)  

  9. Anonymous said...

    it duz look like a cow .. :/  

  10. BubbleToes said...


  11. Raniya said...

    it so does not look like a cow

    Reminds me of Pu.
    I love it when they sleep like that. Pu always curls up in a big furry brown and white ball and searches for nuts in her sleep. Then she gets bored and eats her house. Doesn't wake up though.

    Sweet picture :)  


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