Ollie is a girl?

Here's how it happened.

Last night I got a male hamster, Mode, and my brother and I noticed some ,ahem, anatomical differences between Ollie and Mode.

Mode had some rather large...testicles.

So we put them both on the table top , examining the both of them, hanging in a cloud of suspicion and doubt when- bam! it happened.

They had sex.


And please, lay off the Bulhaa is stupid jokes hmm?


  1. maail said...

    so u mean ollie is bisexual? 0.o

    i remember u telling me he almost raped another "girl" hamster?  

  2. cl0r said...

    *pulls a "bulhaa is stupid"-joke*

    ollie's a quite lesbian name, so maybe it works for bis as well. ^_^  

  3. dhondhooni said...

    really?? O.O

    i sink he IS bi.. *thinking*  

  4. meee said...

    maybeee, jst maybee
    olli is a HUNSAAAA (with both male n female partss) ...
    or ...
    olli might be a new breed of hamsterz frm a weird goverment experiment... :D
    dho dho dho... (nod nod)
    hmmm hmmm,
    com to think of it.. ollige effai medheennun... experiment kuranikoh effai halaaku vefa kanneynge eandheee.. o mutate vegen effai girunee kanneynge... hmm hmm

    this this gettin more and more intersting woman...
    vhooo hoo hooo hooo... (evil laugh)  

  5. Uzain said...

    Whoa... o_o...  

  6. aesha said...



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