Showing Off

This is what hanan drew for her school's art exhibition.


  1. Orange Fronkey said...

    Awww... that is so adorable!!!

    people still wear traditional divehi libaas???


    hey guess what i had few days ago??? garudiyaa!!! YUM!


    how' are you? :P lol  

  2. paperclippenny said...

    now who could she be depicting?  

  3. Yumma said...

    Awww... Hanan's already an artist... Isn't she talented, sings draws does ballet and have this amazing talent to make me do her ballet steps like a fool too :D
    Give her a hug frm moi!  

  4. Radvixen said...

    Aww! Cute!
    She's so talented! =]  

  5. dhondhooni said...

    coool.. agrees with yumma except for the making her do the steps part.  

  6. Anonymous said...

    Wow, When I was small, I didnt have this much of an imagination. Ur sis surely is a genius!  

  7. zummi said...

    wow NICE!
    the little maldivian van gogh ;)  


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