1. Anonymous said...

    very cute. you are very talented. i like all your drawings. phanom  

  2. shweetikle said...

    ive missed her ^.^

    or is it a he? o.O  

  3. bulhaa said...

    anon: thanks :)

    shweetikle: blobs is a girl :P but im not sure whether that is blobs or not. *shrugs*  

  4. Anonymous said...

    now i have to hate you! youuu!  

  5. Anonymous said...

    that comment should go to the latest post! you are annoying!  

  6. The Shadowrunner said...

    wtf is that anonymous smoking?. lol.  

  7. KoNcheKEY said...

    **highly squeaky voice

    i think im hearing my sight!! o.O  

  8. Chintan Brahmbhatt said...

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    nice Blogger....!!

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